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Well allyuh done know, is Carnival Friday night in Miami, and the TJJ family done touch down long time and ready to rumble. We done start the liming long before we even ready to hit up this next party and so by the time Joy Juice fix up he hair and dress up nice nice in his pristine white shirt and white shoes, d family already knock back ah half-bottle! LOL. And so it began … another memory-making Carnival Friday night at the Black and White free-drinks fete!

The theme this year was Safari! And with this year’s event being held in a new location in Margate, I wondered what promoters -Isle Of Rhumb - had in store for us. If I had to guess, I would say plenty beautiful woman dressed to impress, good accessible parking, premium drinks and liquor, good security, fellow party-goers looking to have a good time and DJ’s who could pelt nuff tune to mash up any dance. And by the time we walked into the party, my suspicions were confirmed! Yes man … on point! We eh even make it all the way on the inside yet and the party looking nice! This year the crowd was bigger than the previous years, so let’s just hope we could take enough pics of everybody…

So the party going smooth …cameras snapping away and then we realize that we only in the first room! Oh lawd oh … presha. Rel wok to do tonight. On the right, a beautiful ice-sculpture and around it, beautiful women pouring drinks. You done know Mr. Benz eh waste no time in heading over there. But shortly after, the thirst was really getting to us, so we decided to try to engage in the “free drinks” aspect of this party. But wait … whey d bar? After struggling to get through a little door, and with a lil push here and a lil tug there … finally there was the bar. Full stocked yes, but pressure to get to. So once we did get there … we had to lime for a lil bit in the area. Not to worry though, cause in that room, it was wining, drinking and eating going on too! Bake and saltfish, curry chicken, roti, bake and shark. Oh lawd oh. Mih belly bussing, mih waistline turning and mih finger still snapping!

After a while I notice I eh see Joy Juice at all, so I gone to look for mih partner in crime. Best guess to check ? Yup … you guessed it … where d real wining taking place. So allyuh boy bend the corner into the main dance floor and get wait … what jus happen there? Was I just knocked over by a heat wave? Oh lawddd … that is heat. Somehow, with the crowd thick and the music pumping, the dance floor was almost overbearingly hot. But I guess if you come to wine up and like yuhself … den inside dey was where you was supposed to be. As for me … Tanty say doh go dong dey!

At about 4am things started to slow down a bit, and I believe it had something to do with the lights coming on. However, as is custom, that didn’t stop we from continuing to have a good time. TJJ don’t stop … even when d lights come up … cause we …snapping….jammin! Takin pics one at a time … mine is yours … yours is mine …cause we snapping … wining!

All in all it was a well spent Friday night. DJ’s Dorenzo, Sound Rev, Back to Basics, Anonymous, Private Ryan, and Sprang International did their job and were impressive. But as is in we blood …its on to the next one. Who say a day fete? I say so! Black and White 2009… good job guys … see you next year!

Mr. Benz out.  

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>> View Black And White Safari Gallery