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Although it was a very cold night, fete-go'ers couldn't help checking out Day 2 of D'Enforcas 15 Year Anniversary Celebrations. They all ready mashed up de dance for Part 1 of the weekend and came to do it all over again. This rounds it was a nice, initmate kinda vibe for the night... alot of people were dressed to fete, but they knew what they were in for!

The crews had alot of vibes and helped keep the energy that the DJ's and MC's kept pumping out all night. Soca, Reggae and Ole Skool were dropped one after the other and yuh just couldn't help but dance! There coulda been 10 people in that party and we still would of had a time! There were three (3) suprise artists in the building -  Mista Vybz, Shayne Bailey and Ms. Paige - who all had the crowd jammin' along! And since no one were expecting them, that surely took the vibes to another level! Birthday's were being celebrated as well that night, including our own Mizz Kayz... so it was level cake in de building as well! Yuummmmm!!


Easy location to find, but limited parking. Three rooms were open which was great, but turn out wasn't that large to pack all three rooms. Security handled the line-up quickly and efficiently.


Two (2) bars were open, but they ended up closing down one, which was not convenient for drinkers. However the bartenders tried their best to be quick, and that's all we needed! Now, there was the occasional rude bartender (humm, I guess this should be filed under the "Service" category).

For 10 bucks, fete-go'ers got to wine to 5 DJ's in each room and 3 MC's... so what do you think? ;-)

Security was difficult at times and made it seem like people were trying to raid the fete but that didn't stop fete-go'ers from winin' til ah morning!

Happy Anniversary to D'Enforcas from TJJ! We hope you guys continue to do big tings!!

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