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Well it had a star line up of DJ's being  High Fidelity/Less than Zero, Merry Perry, DJ Red and More. Iwer George pass through with D' Hitman performing. Lalo provided spectacular lighting and boy oh boy the event was top of the line. Only one thing was missing ..... You.

Well the people who were there looked nice and made the most out of it, so some partied hard!


I saw a few partygoers really enjoying themselves, especially when Hitman came on. The man can perform, and definitely got the party pumping.


West Palm Hotel is the best place ever. Nice pool, it had parking and was just boss.


Well it was drinks inclusive, no food. So if you were hungry, you had to buy. But if you wanted drinks, you just needed to stick out your hand ... it was wonderful!


Well for $275 at least gimmie some free doubles. ;-) Other than that, it was worth the price.


Well it had service with a smile. No long waits or anything. There was parking and security guards.

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>> View Revolution 2009 Gallery