Shurwayne Winchester’s, “Carnival Please Stay,” the track that copped the 2008 Groovy Soca Monarch, was this past Saturday, October 24th named the Best Soca Song at the 2009 Sunshine Awards.

This latest achievement comes almost in sync with the soca star’s first anniversary at the helm of his very own musical organisation, Y.O.U.

On Saturday, the auspicious gala, held at the AXA Equitable Centre in Manhattan, New York brought the 100th anniversary of the NAACP- National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People, into clear focus. Shurwayne’s presence and subsequent triumph, which he attributed to God, his family and his team was undeniably a success for Trinidad and Tobago, as a country. But in a touching moment on stage, he fondly thanked Ms. Patricia Joseph- a woman who’d in previous years attempted to have Shurwayne perform as a guest at the award ceremony, but to no avail. On Saturday night, he thanked her for her vision then and accepted the Sunshine award in her name.

It was on October 31st, 2008 that Winchester and his team at SW Limited launched the musical organisation Y.O.U. Referred to as an organisation rather than a band, the group of diligent members focus not only on carnival and soca music, but with a holistic approach to entertainment, they study and incorporate all genres into their act.

Judging from what’s been seen thus far, it’s safe to say that great things can be expected in the weeks ahead and beyond. On Tuesday night from 9:30, they will celebrate with fans, industry execs and friends at the Woodford Café in Movie Town – one year after it all began. On that night, a spanking new website will also be unveiled and with the sentiment of having fans around the world experience it all, the site will stream the excitement live on


The fusion of lead singer Shurwayne Winchester and the musicians who make up Y.O.U., has been described as the perfect combination of talent and skill. The guys came together in October, 2008 and have grown tremendously in their short time together. Their cohesiveness as not just co-workers, but also friends, have led to the production of hits- incomparable to anything ever heard from the shores of Trinidad and Tobago. In 2010, the entity will come into full focus as one of the biggest forces in musical entertainment, showcasing their innate ability to execute with perfection.