5 Minutes With ZanThe scene: Machel Montano's HD concert in Toronto, vibes strong! People everywhere anxious to hear one of the biggest chunes of the Carnival season "Out on De Road" by Zan and you know there was no way TJJ could let the opportunity to get personal with Zan pass! So after a likkle sweet eye to the promoters (just kidding.. iz TJJ yuh know.. we have it like dat!) we managed to find a hideaway backstage and our interview was on like boil corn. 5 Minutes with Zan starts now!

TJJ: If you were a superhero, which superhero would you be?
Zan: Batman!
TJJ: Why?
Zan: Because of the player I am already!
TJJ: Wheeeeeyyyyy! This boy real kicks!

TJJ: Where do you get your sense of style? Who is your stylist?
Zan: (he starts to rap) You don't see how wild out the crowd is, you don't see just how fly my style is! (he laughs) I don't see why I need a stylist because I shop so much I AM my stylist.

TJJ: have to talk about the hair! How long have you been growing your dreads?
Zan: Um for about 4 years now.
TJJ: Any plans on cutting them?
Zan: Maybe for the summer, we'll see how that goes… maybe a trim, I'm going to cut it energetic!

TJJ: What do you do on your down time?
Zan: I have no down time. NEXT!

TJJ: What is something your fans don't know about you? You don't bake do you?
Zan: (he laughs) Ammm no but I can draw. No one would ever guess!

TJJ: If you were an animal what would you be and why?
Zan: I would be an eagle - the sky is the limit!
TJJ: Nice!

TJJ: Do you always wear shades on stage?
Zan: Always!

TJJ: What's your guilty pleasure? You know besides Red women ... hehehe.
Zan: You know what? No comment, that way I won't have to feel guilty about it!
TJJ: Well now you really have us curious! We guess we'll always have to wonder!

TRW & Mizz Kayz for the TJJ FAM!
We out!