5 Minutes With MangoseedScorn Juice here tired and sweaty from all that walking around London and I am locked and ready to attend Busspepper's Roots Rock Reggae! "Play I Some Music ... It's A Reggae Music!" Got the chance to meet up with the band Mangoseed which consists of five unique gentlemen - Nicholai, Colin, Karlos, Richard & Roy. A blend of men all totally different in personality and character that exemplifies a band singing and I quote "Global Fusion music drawn from Ska, Rock, Dancehall and Hip Hop creates this funky, poetic and hugely infectious sound." 5 Minutes with Mangoseed Starts now! Btw, Colin & Roy could not make the interview due to "ahem" ... reasons… so I was told. J

Amiel: If you had a time machine where would you go and why?
Richard: I would return to the time of Hitler and take him back to the dinosaur days. That would be funny.
Karlos: So what about Napoleon?
Richard: Him too!
Karlos: I would go to the future to see my offspring ... or better yet I would go to the future to find a man to build a time machine to go back to the past!
Nicholai: I'd go to the future to where Karl is, and give him a lash cause that doh make no sense!
Karlos: Ah, I will go to Parliament's first gig and get stoned out of my f&*king head!

Amiel: Who is the jokester of the group?
Nicholai: Richard and sometimes Roy (who is definitely on a beat)
Karlos: Richard!
Nicholai: Richard will want to take a light bulb apart, or even jump up on lamp posts! I think the funniest I have ever seen him was while practicing and his glasses fell down, he tried to pick up his glasses while still playing the guitar!!
Richard: I am a funny guy!

Amiel: Name an artiste alive and dead that you would love to perform with?
Nicholai: Dead, Bob Marley definitely! Alive ... The Roots!
Richard: Good one.... Alive Jimmy Cliff ... Dead ... John Lennon
Karlos: Man, there are too many artistes alive I would want to sing with but I will choose somebody random ... Suzanne Vega..... We Will Mash It up!!!! Dead ... Eddie Harris ... Too much to sort out alive…Aretha! Mavis Staples! The list goes on!
Nicholai: Burning Spear! That would be a great performance!!!

Amiel: What is your favourite dish?
Nicholai: A Goat Roti.
Richard: Any meal a woman would cook for me.
Karlos: But you doh have no woman!
Richard: Well when I had one, the food was really good!
Karlos: Corn Flakes, Warm Milk, Anytime, Any day!

Amiel: What is your most embarrassing moment?
Nicholai: Not knowing who is playing what or when because on the stage we cannot hear a thing when performing!
Karlos: Playing an entire song and not hearing what the other members playing.
Richard: I kick ass in music so I do not have any embarrassing moments.
Karlos: With them stretch glasses you sure?
Richard: Girls Like it!!
Karlos: So You See....
Richard: Not hearing a note or playing wrong notes through an entire song!

Amiel: What is the worst time you all ever fell out?
Nicholai: We have never fallen out.
Karlos: Yeah that's right; never fall out.
Nicholai: I am grateful to be with these men. They are really open and we do not tote any feelings. Of course we fall out for venue and sound system but personally never fall out!

Amiel: Finally, Where did you guys meet?
Nicholai: Karlos and I used to work together and we came together and decided to do our own thing ... never looked back since!

These fellas were highly entertaining and really unique - I will definitely lime with them any day and listen to their music!

Check them out at @ www.mangoseed.co.uk

Scorn Juice
Always Fabulous! Never Buss!