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Big up to Elia who gathered the first mulatto party in Denmark. This will be a bigger party in the future when people find out that we exist...yeah!!

Mixed people in all ages. All dressed to impress and it worked. About 50 people was seen there, mulattos only ... some head-turners!

Great location in the heart of Copenhagen, easy to find and the room in the back was enough for us, the party became more cozy and intimate.

Since it was held at Club Mambo everybody had the Latin american vibes with them. The DJ played different kinds of music from the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa. We got in the groove from the moment we entered the party.

You buy your own drinks in the bar. If you are lucky Mr/Ms handsome will buy it for you ... Overall, drinks were okay!

Good service, fast and efficient.

It was a cheap party ... 12 dollars for entrance ... 4 dollars for wardrobe/cloak room

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>> View Mulattos Night At Club Mambo Gallery