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Playah Syndicate and Hans and Gonzo were DJ's just to name a few but you did get a full all star DJ cast so big tunes through out. Really and truly I cannot tell you what was missing. The party was up to you to have a good time.

It was a good sized event but suddenly it started to get more space in the party after 1am. It still came out good though as people came out dressed right and proper.

One thing I would say is that Cave people know how to party because no matter how The Cave is people always having a good time.

Actually I rate The Cave really low as a venue but  this time it wasn't bad like how it usually is. Actually I would even say it was good for the time I was there.

Well it was The Cave's bar with no special pricings so nothing out of the ordinary here. A full reliable bar at club prices but beware there drinks are mixed for drinkers.

$100  tickets no big deal. That's the average price in my eyes.

Well in some cases you could have reached the bar so I guess people got no service. The bar men actually cool  and not grumpy.

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