5 Minutes With JadineSince the Memorial Day Carnival celebrations in Atlanta back in May, the Atlanta people have been craving the Soca vibes. Wasi Entertainment has provided just that and launched the first ever "Soca In The City" at Endenu Bar and Lounge in Downtown Atlanta, and to kick things off, the Island of Montserrat has shown up on the scene again. Besides Arrow's "Hot, Hot, Hot" and the Volcano erupting in 2003, the 'hottest' new wave out of the 9,000 people strong Island is Jadine - The Soca Diva. Jadine is the first of many to perform at "Soca In The City" according to Wasi Entertainment. JoyJuice caught up with Jadine before she took to the stage.

JoyJuice: Where did you get a voice like that?
Jadine: I got it from my momma.
JoyJuice: Really?
Jadine: Yup.... really! (with a huge smile) She used to sing almost everyday in the house and before I went on my own, I sang backup with her for several years for many artists. Even today, most people can't tell our voices apart.

JoyJuice: What was your first musical influence? Was it Soca?
Jadine: Oh Noooo..... you know where everybody goes on a Sunday in the Caribbean? To Church, so Gospel was a huge influence for me. But now, Soca is it!

JoyJuice: So why Jadine - The Soca Diva?
Jadine: Well, I am ready to hit the world by storm and when I do, I want them to know that I am a Soca Diva first and Soca is where my heart is!

JoyJuice: If there is one person in the world you will like to perform alongside, who would it be?
Jadine: Hmm, I would have to say Tina Turner. I love her attitude on stage, I really dig that.

JoyJuice: Since I met you, you are nothing but all smiles.....How do you keep a straight face on a rough day?
Jadine: Well, as you can see I love to smile....see my teeth?
JoyJuice: Yes...beautiful!
Jadine: (she laughs) Stop it! I want to impact peoples' lives even when I am off stage. So on rough days...I smile more.

JoyJuice: Name one place country in world you would like to perform.
Jadine: That's easy ... Down Under ... Australia! I don't know, there is just something about that place that captures my attention, probably the accent as well. For me, it would be an opportunity to share our Caribbean culture with a new place. Plus I love Kangaroos :-)

JoyJuice: Ok...time is almost up. I have some quick questions for you and need some quick answers off the bat, ok?
Jadine: Shoot!

JoyJuice: Favorite longtime Soca singer?
Jadine: Arrow, of course!!
JoyJuice: Favorite current Soca singer....
Jadine: Bunji, he has presence!
JoyJuice: Last one, favorite quote and by whom?
Jadine: "When it rains ... get wet" - Quincy Jones.

Well TJJers I can bet you, when it begins to rain for Jadine, TJJ will be right there to get wet!

JoyJuice ... out and about