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It's the 1940s and it's Film Noir... think Vixens, naughty detectives, Hitchcock, Bogart and Bacall... but let's not forget the Femme fatales and Private Dicks!
It's our 3rd Corset and Diamonds party for the year and this time they back again with yet another fabulous Burlesque theme  with a night of crime and passion. Tonight we are off to The Hobby Horse in Hoxton, a brand new venue for TJJ and hopefully the sight of more gorgeous ladies, Burlesque beauties, swarve Gentleman and fantastic performances!
As always, besides the performances, the Corset and Diamonds crowd are always FABULOUS! They naturally bring a vibe with their sexy and risque outfits, fabulous make up and open and friendly attitude. We were especially excited to see the amazing Empress Stah from last weekend's 'Erotica'09' (view coverage) enjoying the music and Burlesque lovelies!!! Corset and Diamonds are naturally all about the Girls... the event is designed for Ladies and their friends and the Gents have to be invited by their female hosts, so rest assured the ratio of women to men is always good! So if you are a guy or a gal looking for a wife, you will be like a kid in a candy shop!!! There were even hints on the mic from promoter and compere that you could come to dress up, look gorgeous celebrate women AND find a shag!! Boom bang bang!

The Hobby Horse is located on a corner of a main street in Hoxton, East London. It was easy to find with parking right next to it which was much needed as the rain decided to pour down just as we were leaving the house! It had the feel of a traditional East London pub combined with playful Victorian decor and a small stage set for performances. The Hobby Horse hosts regular live and up and coming acts including music, dance and tonight Burlesque! It's definitely a bar for the creative and artistic of East London, with most of the bar staff being specially selected as they themselves are often Musicians and film makers, who input into the line ups of acts that appear here.It wasn't our favourite Corset and Diamonds venue so far, mainly because when the crowd got going, it as pretty cramped and the stage itself seemed a little small for some of our Burlesque favourites.

Performances from Corset and Diamonds have to be the main content under 'VIBES!!' If you have never seen a Burlesque performance this is an absolute MUST for you whether male or female! Tonight we were in for a real treat with a packed line up, all hosted brilliantly by Miss Katy! The evening began with 'Private Dick' Kitten Von Strumpet who came on as a red haired male detective and transformed into a beautiful blonde starlet complete with red Corset and nipple tassels! Darling! We quickly moved on to our very own Burlesque Queen 'Worldmistress' who transformed us back to the 1940s with a stunning performance, stealing a dance and kisses from the public before revealing the 'minx' beneath!! The night continued with Tiger Lily on guitar and vocals, Ginger Blush joined us straight from Amsterdam's Burlesque festival, we had the beautiful Daisy Coole on the saxophone, adding to the cool 1940s sexy vibes. There was some sod problems in the venue that detracted from the musical acts a little and caused a few 'technical hitches' but we got 100% professionalism from the acts who managed to make it work. Now we got to give a special mention the last two acts who were simply AWESOME! First up was Viktoria Modesta, a head turning and iconic model and muse turned singer/songwriter who captivated us with her funky electro vibes and funky styles. Last but by no means least 'Chiqui' our super sexy trench coat wearing pole dancing redhead! In a small space with a pole that looked like it could have been a bit taller, she managed to show us some amazing moments that demonstrated her strength, flexibility and beauty in several smooth and seamless moves, including dropping straight down from the pole into the SPLITS!!! WOWEE... The music tonight was also on point with more up to date house, pop and electro vibes from DJ El.
It's a purely alcoholic and performance affair so eat before yuh come! The bar was well stocked with wines, whiskies, champagne and beers galore! The service was smooth and efficient and although always packed, never a problem to get a drink and reasonably priced too! Nice!

Tickets are £10 in advance or at the door before 10.30pm. After that you paid £15 for entry. For an amazing set of performances and entertainment... no doubt that you definitely got your money's worth with Corset and Diamonds!
More in love with Burlesque everytime... now we off to find some pole dancing classes! J

Elizabeth aka Posh Juice (and just for tonight Lizzie L'Amore!!!)

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