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Special thanks to Lance of Paradox Promotions Inc. for showing TJJ nuff luv. Hopefully bigger and better things soon to come.

Overall the crowd quality was good and so too was the general turn out.  The club never got ram packed, but instead maintained a comfortable level where free movement was always possible. There was a lot of beautiful ladies present but some where a little camera shy at first. We soon fixed that :-) On the other hand, outside on the open deck is where the smokers limed most of the night away. One other noticeable fact ... definitely a party that attracts a younger set of patrons.

Access to venue was easy. Parking seemed to be a bit more of a problem but nothing to lose sleep over. We soon found a spot. The club was divided into two parts, a lounge which was spacious and an outside balcony that not only possesses a bar but also a food outlet. On the inside the a/c kept the atmosphere nice and cool. A basic essential which some places fail to provide. The sweat box thing is really not acceptable people! Oh ... not forgetting to mention, the bathrooms were clean and presentable as well.

No live bands performed but the DJs did their thing. The mix of music played really seemed to please the crowd as they danced all night long. Overall I would say that everyone enjoy themselves ... everyone from Rastas to those dresses as punks.

Free Vodka, Scotch & Rum was available all night long. For the beer drinkers, there was also a 2 4 1 special all night long. Any other types of drinks requested could have also been obtained by purchasing. The bartenders were friendly and they mixed drinks pretty good. Best of all, getting a drink was fast and easy. There were never any long set of lines to join.

The promoters were very friendly and showed us much hospitality while we were there. The only problem ... we met so many of them that remembering any specific names seems a bit tricky ... lol! Its all luv!

Tickets were priced at $120. A very reasonable price for a free drinks dance these days. We heard no complaints here!

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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