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Big shout out the entire 2B family for the love and for a nice Saturday night, getting us all ready to get the holidays kicking off, and preparing us for a new year, all with West Indian tradition.

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is getting into the holiday spirit. Plenty of people came to enjoy the sweet Parang music reminiscent of the holiday season back home. Those who came out, took in the good live music, created a nice vibe, had a few drinks and definitely supported the 2B family.

Radika's was fairly easy to get to, despite traveling to another borough. Radika's was easy to find and parking was pretty decent. Once on the inside, it was pretty easy to move around through the crowd of partygoers. The deeper into the back you went, the more space you had to chill out and enjoy the festivities. There was plenty of seating at the bar, and a line up of tables towards the front where you can sit, have a drink, or a bit to eat. There's also lounging towards the back, surrounding the dance floor. The space was definitely maintained throughout the night, stray cups and bottles barely lingered for long, and chairs were quickly arranged if moved out of place.

This year we arrived early and definitely did not miss the live band. Starlite Serenaders came back for another year and brought a nice vibe. Singing the oldies but goodies that you usually only hear around this time of the year. Everyone seemed to be caught up in the vibe, doing a little two step, chippin', dancing a little salsa, all with a bottle in hand. Shout out to the cute little couple with their off beat dancing all night in front of the band. They were spinning and twirling and just having a good time! You couldn't stop them. You could tell this was their thing. They weren't the only ones. Shout out to the dude that couldn't stop jumping and whinin' thoughtlessly. Real kix. His head must have been MADDD! The vibes went up a notch when the band took a break, and DJ Funky Fat Boy begun to spin the soca tunes, thats when everyone began to whine down real low.

The bar was well supported especially with drink specials in effect all night. Everyone seemed to have a drink in hand and a smile on their face. We even got to indulge in a sweet treat. We got a slice of some delicious cake, it definitely made us happy :)

The 2B family definitely showed us love as soon as we stepped in. No need to even mention the TJJ name. We were greeted with hugs and kisses by all of the guys from 2B promotions. They engaged in convo with us all night and made sure everything was cool straight through. The ladies at the bar were friendly as well. We got the same love as we departed.

It was 20 bucks to get on the inside of this Trini Pre-Christmas party.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

>> View Soca Parang At Radika's Gallery