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The party started off kinda slow but you could understand, we from the tropics and doh like to venture out in cold weather, but the loyal partiers definitely came out and truly enjoyed themselves. All to celebrate Super Slice birthday

So it was the first day of REAL COLD WEATHER and you dun kno people doh venturing out just so...and that was the case Saturday night at the Zanzibar.  But tonight was a special night and about 1am the majority of the crowd came out to celebrate the man birthday with him. Even-though the weather stopped a few the loyal ones were definitely there...

The event was held and the good ole zanzibar on the waterfront. The place looked rehl decorated and thing. Like they call in special favours for the man on his night. The lights and thing rehl spice up the place...

It was like the cold weather real freeze man and oooman joints or something. Some were hugging the bar, some socially vibing and others, others were getting on. at first people were socializing and taking things easy but the vibes rehl pick up later on that night . Especially when Sprang Int. was playing. He real started things off.

For drinks there wasn't no big scene to get to and from the bar and the price and thing were reasonable. not to mention some of them bartenders were hOtTtT...way to make man spend money..cho

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