Kingston, Jamaica -- December 10, 2009
-- With her newly formed band Strong Roots behind her, Reggae music's burgeoning chanteuse Etana delivered powerful performances before thousands of fans in St. Vincent and Dominica recently. These powerhouse shows were a part of Etana's extensive promotional tour, which kicked off in November. In addition to enchanting St. Vincent and Dominica with her magical presence, Etana also visited Guyana, Grenada, St. Lucia and St. Marteen on this 10-day excursion.
During these explosive performances, Etana belted out spirited renditions of her hits including "Not Afraid," "Roots," “Warrior Love," "Wrong Address," and "Jah Love" among others.  And her 45-minute set wouldn't have been complete without smooth deliveries of her latest songs "August Town", "Free" and "Happy Heart," which are at the center of her promotional  efforts and rapidly gathering momentum among Reggae music fans.
At both shows, the swollen audience rocked relentlessly to Etana's soul-tinged Reggae vibes. The crowd's adulation of Etana left her with a great feeling.  Not only was Etana a hit -- Strong Roots was also a crowd pleaser, as they provided Etana with an impressive musical backdrop. This is just the beginning of this union, as Etana and Strong Roots are billed on a number of upcoming events in December.
"Performing before my Caribbean fans has been a warm, rewarding experience for me," says Etana.  "I was especially happy that I could bring my new band with me -- as they allow me to creatively entertain my fans without boundaries."
Following the performances, Etana continued her media-heavy visits to other islands.  Etana's presence was further cemented in the Caribbean market, as she interviewed with leading DJs and TV personalities.  Her visits sparked quite an interest among media and fans alike, including a number of politicians. "The Strong One" also landed coverage in popular Caribbean print publications.  Based on the turnout of people wherever Etana touched down, one thing was clear -- she has a massive Caribbean fan base.  Over and over again, DJs and fans credited Etana with being one of Jamaica's best new artists.
"This recent leg of Etana's promotional tour was very worthwhile," says Etana's manager Garfield "Chin" Bourne of Irish and Chin, Inc.  "DJs and other members of the media have the potential of turning artists into stars -- not everyone grasps their pivotal role."
Etana returned to Jamaica for a number of Holiday performances and the launch of her video contest on RETV, in which fans will be able to win top prizes including a lap top, blackberry,  ipod and more.