5 Minutes With Shadow and Black StalinSo the rain started to pour down like cats and dogs with thunder and lightening from the heavens and everyone was seeking shelter, including veteran Calypsonians Winston 'Shadow' Bailey and Leroy 'Black Stalin' Calliste. After seeing them crawl under the stage at 'The Masquerade' to avoid the rains, the TJJ blood started to boil in me and I sprung into action. I invited them to wait in my vehicle until the showers were gone. From that point, the almost comedic dialogue between the two kings of Calypso began...."Shadow... this man want we wait in his car... wha yuh think?" "Boy, I doh know this man nah... he might kidnap we..." "Stalin, leh we go yes... it ent nothing. At least we don't have to be under no stage ducking water." Little did I know that a piece of history was about to take place for Trini Jungle Juice right in my vehicle!! Allyuh see how we threading water for you guys! All this occurred at the Caribbean Festival Village on Sunday May 24th, 2009 during the Atlanta Carnival 2009 celebrations. While in the vehicle, I proposed to do a "5 Minutes With" interview .... and like the comedian he is, Shadow said, "Leroy, I know this man was not just offering shelter... he had sumting up his sleeve!" Stalin responded by saying, "De man look harmless man... do your thing young blood." And so it began....

JoyJuice: So I must ask this question, being in the business this long, what has been your biggest inspiration?
Shadow (wearing black hat): Well, is de music itself. It sweet yuh know? When de vibes hit the guitar, there's nothing else I could do.
Stalin (wearing blue denim jacket): Is mostly all the things I see in my life, that's where it comes from.

JoyJuice: What do you look forward to the most when on the road?
Shadow: I look forward to plenty people... I sing for the people and I get excited when I see them. Like in Skinner Park, I like that!
Stalin: I look forward to going home after performing.

JoyJuice: Stalin, Shadow - who is the veteran? Who see who first?
Shadow: He is the veteran man, yuh ent see his grey hair? (with a grin on his face)
Stalin: I am the veteran, but only by two weeks though. But everybody was talking about Shadow... even me wanted to see who he was.

JoyJuice: So when did you guys meet?
Shadow: I think it was in 1970.
Stalin: Nah man... in 1971... in Naparima Bowl. That was the first time we cross parts.
Shadow: I always heard about him to and back then, from the time we met, we were friends ever since. (Stalin stroking his beard.... reflecting)
Stalin: Yeah but when Shadow was on stage, nobody wanted him to come off the stage.... so since then, I use to want to go on stage first.
JoyJuice: Those must have been beautiful times man...
Shadow: Yeah, man. I had big shoes to fill performing after Stalin. He's the senior yuh know... (smiling). But I took it in stride. I had the opportunity to perform "Bass Man" and since then, it was no turning back.
Stalin: That night, he really put on a show. Just imaging the people get a combination of "Caribbean Man" and "Bass Man" in one night!

JoyJuice: So Stalin, "Caribbean Man", what was the inspiration for that?
Stalin: Well (stroking his beard) honestly, it was Martin Luther King Jr. His words did not just affect the USA, it affected the man in the Caribbean too.

JoyJuice: Since the 60's and 70's, what is one thing that you see different in the music?
Shadow: Boy.... the madness. Yuh see the get something and wave thing? Guess who really started that?
Stalin: Is Shadow yuh know! Even Super Blue will tell yuh that he gives credit to Shadow for that.
Shadow: Yeah, he just took it and run with it. Yuh see, I sweat plenty and I always performing with a rag. One day I wanted the crowd to wake up, so I start to wave de ting! Super see that and ran wit it! But ah love him still. But now is madness...
JoyJuice: Stalin? For you?
Stalin: Well I don't think I am different. Everybody have they own 'syncopation' man. People obviously will change with the times.... but the times still nice man.

JoyJuice: Okay, so I know it has been a bit more than 5 minutes but--
Stalin: No problem man, I good here. The rain still falling (while laying down in the back seat).
Shadow: I need a drink of Johnnie Walker Black Label and I will be good.

JoyJuice: Dare I ask what's your favorite drink?
Shadow: Man, yuh not paying attention? (Stalin laughs...)
JoyJuice: Ok, I got it... Johnnie Walker Black. What about food?
Shadow & Stalin: Fish! (saying it almost in sync)

JoyJuice: What is one thing you miss the most when you are on the road?
Shadow: I miss my guitar. Yuh know is Funny give me my first guitar. Yeah man. That's the one I wrote "Bass Man" with.
Stalin: Well, that one easy for me. I miss someone call Patsy Calliste, my wife is the best.

JoyJuice: Who is your favorite Calypsonian, Shadow?
Shadow: Well, I must say all Calypsonians. But if I must pick, I will say the Lord Kitchener and Sparrow. Everybody wants to get where they have been. But I enjoyed working with them when I did.
Stalin: For me is Spoiler. He never talked about the government. But he passed before I got a chance to meet.

JoyJuice: Any words of wisdom for your fans?
Shadow: Yeah man, when we in town, allyuh need to come out. We singing because of you. And thanks for all the support over the years.
JoyJuice: Stalin?
Stalin: I just want the people and the Calypsonians to treat the music like the way yuh found it… with a bit of respect.

JoyJuice: Gentlemen, thanks for the opportunity to interview you... I thoroughly enjoyed it. For me this is history...
Shadow: Yeah but next time doh trick we! (laughing)
Stalin: Nah man, this was nice. Shadow, I love yuh man. JoyJuice, thanks brother.

Do we need to say anything else to you? This was history in the making.... Shadow and Black Stalin not only shared the stage this weekend but they shared their history and passion for the music with you, and Trini Jungle Juice was there to capture it. Well, we really, sort of took it! Shadow and Stalin, thanks for taking the time to share in the moment. And by the way, you guys are lucky, it was really about 30 Minutes with Shadow and Stalin... count allyuh blessings!!

JoyJuice.... as always, Out and About!