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Well other than the DJ, the party would have been superb. I rate Dreamerz. I chose money because it can buy love. I hope Dreamerz chose money as well to throw more parties in the future. I THERE!!! Dreamerz yuh big.

The party seemed cool. I saw some guys jerking which made me remember when I was younger... what jerking used to be. Everyone came dressed to impress.

They gave a map but even with out it, finding Euphoria is a breeze. It's only 1 floor though making it small, but it's professional. No parking but there was some cool lights.

Now I don't want to offend anyone but something I find kind of strange. I don't know if someone tried to help a friend but one DJ was using Virtual DJ, I will not go any further ... sorrry, I wouldn't have mentioned it but people complained. The other DJ's were boss. Everyone singing their favourite songs to the top of their lungs! Definitely had vibes.

I didn't really explore the bar but it was Euphoria's stock bar with no drink specials I believe.

Good service, fast and efficient.

Yeah well it wasn't expensive so people couldn't lose out. Definitely worth the cost.

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