It’s Carnival Tuesday… sun is blazing… Your on the road in your costume… beautiful people, beautiful music all around you. It’s the time of day when everything seems to align. The joy of being part of the Greatest Show on Earth fills your soul. You have that feeling that all is perfect. Almost feels like Heaven

Its long overdue - Finally Kees Dieffenthaller and Nadia Batson team up again to record another song!  In 2007 the duo got together to create the smash hit “MY LAND”. The song was their first collaboration and won them the second place at the Soca Monarch Competition and showed the carnival world what a force they could become!

Since 2007, both artists have had major success on their own with songs such as: Stalker, My Posse; Right Dey; Thunder; Play Mas; and Bumpers Rule.

Heaven, the second collaboration by these two powerhouses is the new tune to be released for Carnival 2010 and beyond.  This track will be as powerful as My Land and they are excited about the opportunities for it. 

The concept was created by both Nadia and Kees on a writing session in Mayaro – which, to a lot of Trinidadians is their own little piece of Heaven. The track is energetic, fun with lyrics to send carnival lovers wild in the fetes and on the road!  “Spread your wings, like an angel up in the air!

Kes the Band featuring Nadia Batson will be performing at all Major events for the carnival season and party goers can be assured that they are in for some incredible performances from this dynamic combination.

Heaven  - Listen