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So just a little run down... we inside, the vibes nice.. the girls hot, and Showtime giving a preview of their costumes for C2K10. Boy oh boy, that "browning" modelling with the tattoo from her leg straight to her lower (and I mean lower) back ... my word. And of course, ah not forgetting Whitney with them sexy legs...

A little shaky at first, but things started picking up. We must big up all the girls' committees representing: Girlies Inc., Sistamatic, Bella Donna, Frozen Fire, Doll House, Angels Inc.

The location was a little off route, and parking a bit difficult to come by.

Madness ... Rapid Response, J Lava, Ready Mix, Arch Nemesis and representing for the ladies.. Alicia D Duchess.

On the invite there were suppose to be 7 bars that each committee ran, but I guess there was just one that TJJ got handled to the max from. ;-)

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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