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Tuesday 15th December at the corner of Murray St. and Tragarete Road saw an intimate gathering of media and industry alike come together in a social setting at ISLANDPeople’s IF House, unlike last year where it was at Club 51 Degrees,  for the Launch of IP 2k10 Carnival Calendar “Clear”.

Their was a level of excitement through out the evening as is such with any ISLANDPeople event ... the evening saw a colorful display of art work featured by Trevor St. Georges with the use of everyday items, a performance from Denise Belfon with the launch of Girl Power’s theme song “Attitude” subsequent to a display of IP C2k10 Kutchela. Appetizers of a wide variety where served throughout the evening with a bar that satisfied the needs of the audience. The IF Loyalty Access Card was also introduced. While the Picton Folk Performers took everyone home with their riddim section.

We must mention that  thiswas an all inclusive launch so the appetizers were constant of a wide variety. The bar had lines of people from the time I got there up until I left.

The Listing for ISLANDPeople’s Calendar of Event are as follows:

December 27th 2009      Fed Up - The Kooler Cooler Party
January 10th 2010          Amnesia “Spectrum”
February 12th 2010        Girl Power “Attitude” 
February 13th 2010        Dawn “A New Dawn”
February 13th 2010        Insomnia “I Love My Insomnia”

>> View ISLANDPeople Clear 2009 Gallery