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The party was advertised on facebook to finish at 4 but it finished at 3, which was rel bummy, but the executive for signature events (Nicholas Lee) apologized on the cooler parang page.

The crowd was a little shaky at first since it was difficult to get in but the entire yard was full of beautiful partygoers by 1 o' clock. Everyone was well dressed and in full Christmas cheer with Santa hats and red and green outfits.

The yard was really clean and easy to locate but parking was a bit of a problem for those who came after midnight. There was enough room in the yard for people to set up their cooler and lime around it without disturbing others.

The real party did not start until midnight since people were still trying to get in. From midnight, everyone was dancing and having a great time. The music was good, but contrary to everyone's expectations, there was only about 3 parang songs.

Well, it was a cooler fete so I don't think anyone bought drinks. They said it was food inclusive but I didn't see much food tents, or anyone eating as a matter of fact, so I'm guessing that the "Food Inclusive" thing was a bust.

The entry system was a complete bust. There should have been more people at the gates. They spent long searching coolers for glass, yet there were people inside with glass bottles anyway.

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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