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Slack Santa definitely came through this year and gave the people what they wanted! Much love to the entire Slackness Promotions crew and the big ups TJJ got the whole night by Back2Basics and Notorious Inc.

"THE KIDS ARE PUT TO SLEEP AND ADULTS ARE READY TO PARTY AND UNWRAP EACH OTHER. WHERE THE SLACK SANTA COMES OUT WITH HIS NAUGHTY BAG OF PRESENTS." The Consenting Adults were looking hot this Christmas night! Despite the cold, windy, rainy weather and the very last minute venue change, this event had a nice turn out. The grown and sexy people were all ready to party hard, for the last weekend of 2009.

Although we were looking forward to partying in Tribeca tonight, the TJJ crew are no strangers to Studio Loft, so finding the venue was a breeze. Finding parking around Waverly St., on the other hand, is nearly impossible at times, thats always the downside. We seemed to be in luck this time and did not have far to walk in the cold. Once on the inside the temperature was comfortable and there was enough space to move around.

By the end of the night, no one wanted to leave. The vibe was on point. Back2Basics and Notorious Inc. spinned all of the right tunes, touching every genre of music. Soca, reggae, hip hop, parang, dancehall and even some pop, everyone seemed pleased and was definitely having a TIME! The center of the room went from empty to full as time progressed. A little more liquor in the system had partygoers spinnin', jumpin', and whinin' down low.

Drinks were flowin' like water! Everyone was drinkin' well by the bottle! The bar was stocked with top shelf liquor, just how we like it! And we definitely definitely definitely have to give a big shout out and much love to MAMA J! She always hookin us up with GOOD food! A nice hefty plate of food, after a long night. Barbecue chicken, macaroni, callaloo, salad, yellow rice . . . yummm :) .

Slackness Promotions treats us good all the time, whether its a Slackness hosted event or if we buck them up in another fete. the security on the other hand. . . you guys have work to do. Yoga, maybe? A little 'wooosahh' after a long day on the job. I know its not easy standing out in the cold, but Im pretty sure security had something to do with some people not showing up. They were turning people away for taking out their i.d too slow, speaking in a certain tone, or even looking at them funny. I even witness security telling a woman, if she doesn't apologize, she's not going inside. Poor woman, did not even know what she did to move this man. She must have missed out, because I did not see her on the inside the whole night.

25 Bucks was well worth it! You get $5 drinks before 12, free food from Mama J's catering, specialty drinks like sorrel champagne mimosas and sorrel mojitos, and free home made wine until 1 am, and a crazy Christmas night vibe. What more do you want?

Did we forget anything? Add your 2 cents below...

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