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It was a shame that more people didn't come out to witness the band launching. I blame it on the weather and the location of the club. Nevertheless, the Carnival Explosion band launching was a big success cause the people that were there would definitely spread the word. The costumes are one step up from last year's designs so praises to the thinkers for continually pushing for better. Berlin carnival 2010 looking very very promising so get yourselves in order to make the trod come end of May 2010. Big up the whole berlin soca family especially Aseela, Allison, Layla, Fräulein and all the other ladies, Barney Millah, Soca Twins & Threeks Sound.

The place was not packed and actually the turn out was a bit disappointing. However, on this night it was not only cold but also rainy and not the best weather for convincing people to leave their houses. The people that did come out were a mixture of the fashionably conscious and then some in between, with the remainder being from the "grab anything and put on section." One thing about Berlin, always sweet women at the parties. And tonight was no exception.

First thing I noticed about the venue; it was a bit out of the way in terms of accessibility via public transportation. A good sized spot, a bit modern-ish, very spacious and open with an outside terrace that must certainly be a cool spot to hang at in good weather. A nice location for partying!

Everything was on point! Music was mad, energy was mad all night long. A very intimate kinda feeling as if it was consciously planned to be an exclusive party. Made me wonder what it would have been like if the place was ram!

Quality stocked bar at very reasonable prices. The heavy hands of the bartenders was not gone unnoticed. Should I say this? Doh wanna get anybody in trouble. But a real TJJ report has to be honest and something this important needs to be pointed out so others might follow suit!

Good planning and organization. Professional handling from head to toe. Only grey spot was the location being so hard to get too. Had to hold off on giving ah "8" for this lil glitch! Promoters pay better attention to the bigger logistics picture next time!

Entrance was reasonable and actually the thing about Germany I have noticed is that door price for Caribbean themed parties rarely goes over €10. Top notch dj's and entertainment all night long. Plus getting to see the costumes first made it all worthwhile. Everybody felt satisfied, that was very evident!

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>> View Carnival Explosion Band Launch 2010 Gallery