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The party was good and people looked like they had alot of fun. Can't wait for the other ISLANDpeople parties. TJJ we there.

Certain parts were ram in this party. It was the best dressed Kooler Party I ever went. That is for sure. Even Hypa Hoppa passed through so you know the dance big. It was generally a young crowd filled with people ready to participate in Carnival.

The Kooler Deck a.k.a. Anchorage. Parking on the grass, partying near the sea. Things nice. They put some nice lights in the place and did a somewhat good job of theming it up.

How Titan says it, "Vibes cah done" Party shouldn't have finished so early. Every one wanted to party still. DJ Red was on the 1's and 2'sand now I rate him. He big you  know.From the time I reach 6 til the party done. He had it pumping. Rapid Response also touch down to make a guest appearance. There was a  drinking competition where a man won a bottle of Johnny.

It's a cooler party. You bring your own drinks. There was a free snow cone man though. Boom. It sell off. I see some people eating doubles. I rate it you know.

The service was good throughout the night. Lines were never too long and dealing with the staff was a pleasant experience. For those of you lucky enough to experience VIP ... you were very well accommodated for.

I'm sure people had a ball there.and earned each dollar they spent. I can guarantee more costume sales from that.

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>> View ISLANDpeople FedUp - The Kooler Cooler Party Gallery