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Special thanks to the Ivan Kalicharan Mas team for making it possible for TJJ being present.

Quite a good bit of folks came out to support the 2010 launch of south's leading Mas band. Now the models weren't the only ones looking hot and sexy tonight, as patrons also came out dressed to impress. After the Mas presentation they definitely looked like they were here to enjoy themselves as they jumped, waved and wined to the likes of Imij & Co.

The location was Sting night club in south Trinidad. Being the band launch of a south band, it was only obvious :-) Now Sting is a huge sized club and needs a lot of people to fill it, but the promoters looked liked they did a good job at doing that.

There was definitely a feeling of eagerness and anticipation flowing through the air in the early hours of the night. We guess people were curious to see which costumes they liked and wanted to play in come next year. Those who couldn't wait to see the presentation, could have gotten a glance of some pictures posted at the entrance however. After the night's main presentation, patrons were then treated to a performance by the band Imij & Co.

A wide array and assortment of drinks was made available from Sting's bar. Cash bar procedure with standard club prices in effect.

The promoters delivered what they promised and most people seemed satisfied. They were definitely most accommodating to us as well. Lastly, the presentation came off well although it was a little late. Trini timing as we all know ...

Ticket prices varied from $50 to $100 for the event. A reasonably good price we say!

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>> View Kalicharan Mas 2010 Band Launch "Out Of The Rainforest" Gallery