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Grenada Pretty Mas is not the biggest or best in the world... but what makes it so unique and memorable? It's the opportunity to play mas with the niceness people on the planet! Get your costume and jump in de band... you safe. And don't worry about the ladies, plenty hot girls everywhere!

Have you ever seen hundreds of people with glow sticks following trucks with powerful colorful lights at night, jamming to the live performances by Soca artistes? If you haven't witness this, YOU need to be in Grenada Monday Night Mas! Its unique to Grenada. An even stronger reason to be apart of it.

Grenada J'Ouvert is DE BEST! We Grenadians are proud to boast about it!

Permit Fete 2012 Review

On Carnival Friday, De Bacchanal continues in Greenz. The alternative lime for Groovy and Power Soca Monarch. The turn out was amazing as expected as it now a tradition to attend!
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