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Dr. Rhadi Ferguson is a Bahamian-American, a 2004 Olympian in the sport of Judo, an author, speaker, former mixed martial arts professional fighter and an award winning judo coach. He is professionally called “The Intellectual Warrior” due to his academic approach as a strategist and tactician. He further staples down this moniker by having served as an Adjunct Professor in the sports science department of the University of Central Florida and also as the Associate Editor of the Journal of Asian Martial Arts. Currently Dr. Ferguson serves as an editorial reviewer for the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research as well as the Theories and Applications International Edition Journal.

Dr. Ferguson has been featured on major networks such as Yahoo!, NBC, ESPN and in print media such as UFC Fit Magazine, Ultimate Grappling Magazine and he is a writer for the professional blog ProMMANow.com which is syndicated by the USA Today. Dr. Ferguson has also been published in peer reviewed journals and his motivational speaking and coaching advice can be easily found on his internet show “Coffee With Rhadi” which is a spinoff from his book “Coffee with Rhadi: Herculean Conversations with an Olympian (and some other things that you think about from time to time...)” which can be found with the rest of his publications on www.Amazon.com

After growing up in Miami, Florida and experiencing the Goombay Festivals in Coconut Grove during his youth, Dr. Ferguson got bit by the "Carnival" bug in 2011 at Miami Carnival and has been hooked ever since. Since then he has been a regular at Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago and many other carnivals such as Miami, Tampa, Palm Beach, and Orlando. Dr. Ferguson believes in attending the "big" carnival as well as the small ones, as the small ones provide a great training ground for the newbies and neophytes to carnival.

In 2014, Dr. Ferguson wrote one of the best selling books on preparing for carnival called "The Ultimate Road Ready Guide: PACE! What Every Carnival Veteran And Carnival Virgins Must." Dr. Ferguson today has been heralded as "The Carnival Doctor" by TriniJungleJuice and by many others around the world by his ability to prepare for carnival and create the best experience possible for masqueraders and revelers.

In 2013 Dr. Ferguson was selected as 1 of the top 100 Mixed Martial Arts trainers in the world by UFC Fit Magazine. In 2006 he was awarded the USA Judo Coach of the Year Award and that same year he was nominated for the top sports science award issued by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), the Doc Councilman Award. Dr. Ferguson also served as the Athlete Advisory Council representative for USA Judo and the USOC.

Dr. Ferguson has also served as the Head Coach for the Bahamas Judo Federation where he has coached at the World Judo Championships, the Cadet World Championships and had the privilege of developing the first Olympian in the sport of Judo in the Bahamas during his time as Head Coach.

Professionally, Dr. Ferguson holds a black belt in Judo. He also holds a 2nd Degree black belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu which is a background that very few martial artists can proclaim. Dr. Ferguson also holds a doctorate and masters degree in area of education and currently runs, teaches and operates his own dojo in Tampa, Florida where he coaches, teaches and mentors practitioners at the grassroots level of the art and sport who have been successful on the state and national levels.

At the end of the day, Dr. Ferguson likes to say that he is “…just a coach and a mentor – nothing more, nothing less.” But the truth is, he is a highly sought out and recognized High Performance Enhancement Specialist centered in education, business, carnival and sport. Utilizing his proven background as an Olympian and lecturing motivator to course corrects systems, create, modify and engineer curriculum initiatives and construct strategic framework toward improving performance and elevating desired outcomes.

Dr. Ferguson resides in Tampa, Florida with his wife of 12 years, Traci Ferguson, MD and their two children. Their son Rufus (8) and daughter Rhadi Isabelle (4).
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As the carnival revellers of the world prepare for Caribana there are many things that have to and should be done.  Outside of housing and travel arrangements which should be made already, one has to secure fete tickets and find themselves in a band.

But the question is,  "What fetes should I attend?"

To the veteran of Caribana this is no problem.  But to the first timer, neophyte, newbie or veteran, maybe a little guidance is necessary. And that is why TJJ is here along with The Carnival Doctor, to provide you with a prescription for happiness.  :-) 

And while there are many prescriptions out there which may satiate your needs, here is one that has had a high level of success.

These are the fetes that we recommend that you attend during Caribana 2015....

The year is halfway over and we are getting ready to finish off the 2015 Carnival Season with a bang.  With the same fervor and excitement that we began the year, is how we will end the year.

Many of you right now are in the initial stages of planning for Miami Carnival. 

And there are are some of you who are right now in the throes of preparing for Cropover, Caribana, or Cup Match in Bermuda.

And those of you who are seasoned veterans are already planning for Carnival in TNT for 2016 and have a stable of carnival virgins that you are coaching in Whatsapp, facebook and email chat group.  Trust me when I tell  you that we know and we understand.

And those of you who are SUPER serious about carnival already have your airfare and housing booked for Trinidad in 2016!

Look here, if there's one phrase that you've heard from being in the carnival movement it is this one, "Carnival is PACE!

And while that phrase can pertain to many things about carnival, the one which I talk about the most is that of "staying on pace."

And here's my review of the A.M.Nesia boat ride.

The Arrival

First and foremost, I was WARNED to arrive early.

I was told of several cases and stories of people running toward the boat as the boat was pulling off in previous years because people wanted to be either "fashionably late" or they thought that the time mentioned for the commencement of the boat ride was a "loose time." 

Here's your fair WARNING!!!  It is not. 

This boat ride WILL leave you if you are not on time!

On Board

Most parties have a warmup period before they start. I make sure to mention those that don't and those fetes where the action starts immediately. 
The doors opened at 9pm and the party got started around 10am. Bunji did not perform until 1am but that did not seem to matter to most. Most, came to party and Bunji's performance was really inconsequential to the total assessment of the evening. Although his presence was expected and would have been a disappointed if he didn't show, the vibes of he crowd were not dependent on his presence or the lack thereof.

With that being said, when Bunji did reach the stage, his performance was classic Bunji.  Not only did he sing his hits but he also dropped one of the most ridiculous freestyles that I've ever heard him drop. He found out that it was some young lady's birthday in the crowd who was close to the stage and just started providing her with a birthday freestyle. To say that it was "Hot" is a severe understatement.

Sweet Like Popsicle Juice

I am going to keep this short and sweet.

The event Ultra Glow was THE ULTIMATE GROWN FOLK PARTY of the weekend.

I absolutely loved it.  If I had to describe it on one word, it would be.... CLASSY!!!

The men and women were dressed in all white. The club was clean. The restrooms were CLEAN and very accessible.  And there were 2 main dance floors to choose from.

It was nice.  It was full, but not crowded. The vibes were chill and people were dancing and having a great time.

Let's Just Start Here..........  THIS IS WHAT IT WAS LIKE!!!

After a long week of work I could not wait to get to Washington, DC for carnival week.

Like most of you that attended, I just needed a nice likkle soca injection and a good wine or two to hold me until the next time I need my fix. 

As a graduate from Howard University, I was more than pleased to return to DC. I love the city and I always love visiting the campus while I am in town.  I usually reach DC early before I have to do business or before I have a meeting to allow my feet to touch the campus.  On Friday, I flew into DC early so I could do just that.

I spent my whole damn childhood trying to find out how to get to Sesame Street. And here I am.  Good into my adult years and I still can't tell you how to get there.  And trust me when I tell you that I've been looking.  And although to date, I have not found it. I can tell you that I have had the pleasure of meeting Big Bird and Elmo, but I've never ever reached Sesame Street. But it seems like a really fun time from all the videos that I've seen.

I can tell you, however, how to get to Front Street.

Front Street in Bermuda.  And I can tell you EXACTLY how I got there.


I had just left the party on Front Street in Bermuda and this was after reaching the island just a few hours before the party on Front Street.  I watched Lyrikal, Kes, and Kerwin perform and I had an awesome time.  I can't lie and say that I wasn't a little bit tired. I was.

But, if you know me or have read The Ultimate Road Ready Guide you clearly understand and know that I am a J'Ouvert man and that I love J'ouvert and I paced myself to make sure that my time at J'ouvert would and could be well spent.

After the party on front street I went to my hotel room and ate a sandwich, took a fresh and got dressed for J'ouvert.  I knew better than to sleep.  Catching a quick nap when you are time crunched is like being stranded on a boat and drinking the salt water because you are thirsty.  It seems like a good idea at the time, even though deep down you know that it's not. 

Sometimes you just don't do what right and thirst just overtakes you. And fatigue can do that to you too.   There's a fine line of knowing when to take a nap and when not to.

In those times when I cannot take a nap, I have some coffee.  I travel with my Starbucks instant coffee packs and I make myself a nice little cup of coffee with the two packs and keep it moving.  Knowing that all I need is the soca because....... (all together now).... Soca does me meh powers!

....as a journalist and reporter, I have to report the truth and not skew it as I see fit. I can give my own personal view on things, and I do, but I also have to temper that with the interviews and conversations that I have with those that have attended carnival and have a different experience within the same environment.  And while nothing that I write here is "negative", please understand that this is more of a reporting type of post and it's more informative than it is entertaining. And while some carnival journalists spend more time talking about beads and feathers and making people feel like "lesser-thans" just because they are not playing frontline at carnival, I feel that it is more important to provide you with information in order to make your carnival experience the best ever.   And that means that I take it as my personal responsibility to make sure that you are prepared as much as possible.  When it is time, in this case, for you to put down your hard earned money to attend Bermuda Carnival in the future, I want you to be able to leverage the previous experiences of myself, others, and the staff at TriniJungleJuice so that your carnival can be what is should be...... AMAZING!

And with that being said.....

Let's begin.


During Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 there were many opportunities for learning. And I was fortunate enough to learn from former Soca Monarch Champion, Kerwin Dubois.

But before I dive into that, please allow me to share some things with you that I've learned over the years.

When  you meet someone that is in the upper echelon of their field or profession.  Or if you meet someone that has achieved a great deal or excelled at the highest levels in their line of work, the 3 best things that you can do are:

1. Listen
2. Ask pertinent questions
3. Let them know how much you appreciate them

I had this opportunity recently with Kerwin Dubois.  And without going into a long post about this portion of my Bermuda Heroes Weekend experience, I will tell you this -- I learned a great deal about Kerwin Dubois which I did not know.
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