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So after all the feteing and the mas on the road, a lil' rest and relaxation was just what the doctor ordered... Dr. Johnathan Walker MD!

Straight from the airport do the dance. Do not pass go, no stopping at the hotel.  And this was just the first stop of the night of an interesting and fun night.

We watcing TV in HD, we listening to Machel HD, we watching movies in 3D and now in 2011we feteing in 3D also.  For this 3rd installment of Super F.R.I.E.N.D.S. sixAxis Ent promised the three (3) dimensions of feteing: People + Music + Vibe.

This was a party of firsts.  The 1st F.R.I.E.N.D.S. for 2011, the first time with Barrie Hype in the line up and the first ever Memorial day weekend day time boat ride in South Florida.
All aboard!!!

School Daze Review

There is just something about 80s and 90s music that brings out the party animal in everybody.  It must be the mental trip down memory lane everybody goes on when hearing those tunes from their young(er) days.  The DJ line up was ...

It matters not that this event is on a ranch in the middle of nowhere, the ladies step out dressup and ready to get down.  Sexy is the dress code.  It matters not that everyone has work the next day, this is an event that regularly draws over ....

Euphoria Review

On a night like tonight with many other events going on at the same time, the venue was not pack, but those who did attened were ...

MASK Halloween 2010 Review

There were quite a few flight attendant costumes, a number of Avatar characters and a couple dressed as Mario and Luigi (young lady that guy is a keeper)  However Walshy wins for his Geico Money costume.

The crowd sized looked like it doubled from last year.  One of the most diverse crowds at any South Fl event for the year, everybody came out for this event and they were all looking quite stylish.  Most decked out in their pink outfits showing their support for the Susan G. Komen for the ...

The Mighty Sparrow or Birdie , real name Slinger Francisco was born in Grenada in 1935 and moved to Trinidad at the age of 1.  He became interested in calypso at the age of 14 and was nicknamed ...
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