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Mercury Beach 2015 Review

Mercury Beach is the best event to have graced the humble shores of Saint Lucia. Oh sweet Helen! Boats, bikinis, booze and more booze! Now staged for the second year in a row, Mercury Beach is the event where thousands of people from the French speaking islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe hop on their yachts and speedboats to our shores for the biggest and wildest beach party.

Caribbean Soca Festival 2015 Review

This year Blueprint Entertainment Inc. staged its very first Caribbean Soca Festival, which by all means should become one of the staple events for the Saint Lucia Carnival Season! Drivahhhh doah stop at all with this one! Patrons girated, perspired and imbibed with friends and family to the sounds of Baron, Onyon Efeek and a riveting performance by ...
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