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Silent Morning 2012 Review

A carnival cruise that discovers the every eccentric and wild emotion that you could possibly discover in your body; makes you even think 'how did I not know I could feel this way?' ....

TRIBE Ignite 2012 Review

With Carnival Thursday being an important day/night in every human's carnival diary - TRIBE Ignite has definitely set ...

Fall Out 2012 Review

Ever since Mr. Liverpool stumbled upon the idea of creating his own carnival party, realizing that the carnival world has been overrun by tourists and foreigners also known as Trinidadians living abroad, and these intelligent patrons are mostly entertained and enticed by all inclusive events which have ...

Mai Tai Carnival 2012 Review

Banish any other drinks & food inclusive parties comparisons from your brain. Ceasar's army Mai Tai now has a Carnival adaptation and is based on his yearly event Mai-Tai which involves hawaian themes, umbrellas, funky grass skirts but ...

Misty Ridge 2012 Review

However bleak the future appears for Misty Ridge Events (if at all it is bleak ... we highly doubt it), at least it can comfort itself with the knowledge that their other events arn't ruled by the prowess and masses of Misty Ridge, their first event for the year 2012. What is ...

Back To The Pepper Review

Adopting the "futuristic" idea of 'Back To The Future', Busspepper Promotions held its annual 'november' themed party "Back To The Pepper" and we can safely say that there were loads of "Time-traveling patrons" on a mission tonight: to wine on as much people, drink as much alcohol and throw their hands in the air as many times as they possibly can however duly noting that time is not going backward ... it ticks forward! Once Again it’s just as entertaining as it was last month, or the month before, or the month before ...

Do you remember DC Carnival’s #1 Friday night party “Taboo”? Or how about the likes of “DV8” featured in cities such as Atlanta, DC and Miami? And how about ‘LIME South Beach’ last Miami Carnival? Not only shall all inclusive, free drinks, exquisite venues, sexy crowd, and ...

"I Don't Need To Try To Control You! Just Attend Luxe Life And They Will Own You!"

TRIBE Ignite Miami 2011 Review

"We're a professional group of mas producers!!!" “It’s what we do for a living!!!”  ... This is definitely a pick up line from their speech for any TRIBE member!

Notting Hill Carnival is London's most vibrant celebration of diversity, colour and sound.
Originally started as an offshoot of the Trinidad Carnival in 1964, the Notting Hill Carnival has become an internationally acclaimed event which remains true to its Caribbean roots. Over the last four decades, it's matured into a melting pot of diverse cultural and musical genres that come together in modern West London streets.
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