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Mike Gaudioso is probably one of the oldest members of the Philadelphia Latin Dance Community.  I am sure you have seen this dapper dressed gentleman on the dance floor many times.  What you do not know if that he was supporting many newbies across the years and serves as an Organizer on Philly Salsa meet up and the its sister-Meetup, the Philly Bachata Meetup.  Let us learn at the feet of a wise and probably the longest standing active Latin dancer in Philadelphia as of the time of this writing.

Imagine this, you wake up on the adventurous side and decide to go salsa dancing.  You put on your favorite clothes, the ones that spark great joy and you set out for the salsa social.  You park your car in a sea of cars and you know the dance is going to be great.  You wish you arrived a bit earlier since the dance is clearly packed and it seems like you might be the last to arrive. 

As you open the door and enter the main room a stiffening feeling suddenly overcomes your body.  Your brain has just registered that everyone seems to know everyone else and none of these faces are familiar to you.

There is a cool crew laughing in one corner and the pretty girls are all huddled together.  Many of the awesome dancers are cliqued near the DJ and each seem to pass between each other like the baton in a relay team. 

Salsa dancing will stimulate at least 4 of our 5 senses.  The ones that are most impacted are sight, hearing, smell, and feel.  I am not sure if taste comes into everyone’s dance experience, so I will leave that one to the dance commandos.

Mrs. Charmaine Cedeno-Wiltshire is the C.E.O. of Paragon Advertising Limited.  She is wife and mother of 2 sons.  She is in her fabulous fifties and is in fabulous shape.  We wanted to catch up with Charmaine to learn some of her best practices.  Let us learn from a woman who appears to defy age.

Stephen: When did you first fall in love with working out?
Charmaine: I can’t say that I have really ever fallen in love with working out …  In my early twenties, I was very skinny and my weight fluctuated whereby I lost weight easily … when I lost just one pound people thought I was anemic, which I sometimes looked… I found going to the gym and lifting weights made me put on body mass and I looked and felt so much better…  only then did I gain some affection for the gym.

Shannon Hutchinson is a pilot with Caribbean Airlines who loves nature hikes and a touch a body building. We caught up with this free spirit for some of her secrets on health and a "BEST BODY".

I was talking to my friend Shannon and seeing some of her pictures when I was caught up with Vanessa Grace Gilkes.  As you can see from the photos she is clearly an inspiration to anyone seeking to improve their body image and overall health.  We at TJJ caught up with this mother of 2 children and creative director at BeSocial an advertising agency in Barbados to get some insider secrets.  Join our conversation to explore the inner workings of this “BEST BODIES” series.

I have a client of mine, let’s call him Wayne for all intents and purposes of this story and if your name is Wayne this story is not about you (i hope). 

Any ways Wayne called me cussing how another promoter, let’s call him smallB is planning to have his party on the same day and yes worse yet at the same time as his. 

I asked Wayne "which party" and then realized that I had spoken to smallB weeks ago about marketing his event as well. 

If Cocoa Devils team said they were going to move Trini Jungle Juice's staple Carnival Friday Bayview event from Maracas Bayview to any other venue that would seem like event suicide right? Eeeeeappppp... WRONG.  The team has done it again, leaving only two words to drop out of ...
Sonya wrote a wonderful article "Why do women turn men down (in dancing) and what to do about it." and there was a comment that desired to hear from a man's a point of view. I did ponder the question for some time.  I also met up with our buddy Joe to hear his thoughts as well.  Here is how it stacks up between the both of us. Stephen Choo Quan is going to do Part1 and Joe Figueroa will do Part2.
I caught up with Liz Becerra Castro one of the lead dancers for Art in Motion (AIM).   We were going to have an interview win, lose or draw. I think like Katniss Everdeen the "odds were in her favor".  Let's dive down into the juicy stuff.
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