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Caribbean Soca Glow Fete Review

First off, much respect to Brian and Saira for the concept and hard work. Personally I am proud to see soca music getting exposure in Holland, and so much that people traveling from other countries to come party with us. Nuff love to all my Germans who always give me their support. This was a good learning ...

It was a shame that more people didn't come out to witness the band launching. I blame it on the weather and the location of the club. Nevertheless, the Carnival Explosion band launching was a big success cause the people that were there would definitely spread the word. The costumes are ...

5 Minutes With Marlon Asher

Finally, a reggae artist from Trinidad coming to town to represent for the island and show that we could roll with the big dogs. Tonight would be a night for small victories and Marlon Asher would be leading the charge!! A quick stop in Amsterdam on his European tour promoting his new album called "Unconditional Love." The original Ganja Farmer in Ganja Land!!! I don't care where you from, what language you speak, or what colour you are, everybody and they granny know the ...
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