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It has been the custom with these reviews to shed some light on the event in question. However an incident unrelated to the parade has the online blogs and some mainstream media personnel calling for the end to the parade. Before I address this allow me to highlight results and other areas of interest with respect to the event.

KOS J'Ouvert 2011 Review

If there was ANY doubt or question concerning which promoter/s held the best and MOST AUTHENTIC J'OUVERT celebration, rest assured the answer was CLEARLY  DEFINITIVELY and RESOUNDINGLY made known on Friday July 29 2011 at the Continental Soiree.

One event that has been noticeably absent from the Toronto Carnival event lineup  is a  DAY FETE. The hesitation by promoters is owing to the culture difference between North America and that of the caribbean. In the Caribbean  one can take a day off to attend a fete.Unfortunately that would not fly up north. So why would Dr. Jay take that risk? ...... and was it successful?

Boat Jam 2011 Review

Yuh know ah fete good when you are on board a boat that supposed to be calm waters (a lake to be exact} yet it was rocking and bobbing like the Titanic....and you know why?????? the rest and find out....

Wednesday on the rooftop has, deservedly so, become one of the must attend events for anyone, (newbee or veteran) wishing to have a complete  Toronto Carnival experience. This year the venue was moved to the Rooftop of the Mansion nightclub in keeping with ...

Whiteout 2011 Review

There isn't anything we as West Indians cannot do as long as we do it together. This was evidenced by the DJ line-up for the best WHITEOUT event in Canada.It was indeed refreshing and inspiring to see all these professionals together on the same stage doing what they do best......putting on a great performance and having fun doing it.

THE KING IS HERE....!!!THE KING IS HERE.....!!! and I am not talking about Prince William.

The Buzz With DJ Jazzy Jeff

Anytime you have an opportunity to witness the recipient of the FIRST Grammy award for HIP HOP perform you should RUN.... not walk.. to the nearest ticket outlet. Jeffrey Allen Townes AKA DJ Jazzy Jeff was in town to do what he does best and he did not disappoint.

West Indian time, loosely translated, means- when ah get there.... ah on time! If this was your mindset on Friday 17th June 2011 you literally missed the boat and in doing so, an excellent and entertaining cruise aboard the River Gambler.  The THEME of the cruise was CREME... and almost everyone arrived decked out in their sexiest creme Cruise cream white or other related shade attire,... or as host Jay Martin puts it , their finest "light skinned colour attire".  The promoter being the benevolent individual that he is cut the few in non creme attire a break and they were allowed to take part in the festivities.

Sunset 2011 Review

Sunset has emerged as the seasons best event in the opinion of the writer and D'Bandit has thrown down the gauntlet to all promoters for ...
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