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Old Hilarians' Carnival Fete 2014 Review

The TJJ Crew was ready to go to a Big People Party as Bishops was finally legal when it turned 18 years old on February 1st 2014!  And the 18th time around this original Bishops Committee had ...

WeTT Republic Music Festival - Major Lazer

And it was Bubble Butts in Bikinis galore with the over 10,000 Electronic Soca and Dancehall fans that came to the inaugural WeTT Republic festival at the O2 Park, Chaguaramas, Trinidad on the night before T&T’s ...

YUMA 2014 Band Launch Review

Yuma’s Cirque presentation intended to merge the essence of Cirque du Soleil and the ecstasy of ...

Bliss The Summer Edition 2013 Review

How does a Monster Winer get prepared for Grand Kadooment?  Well according to TJJ D’ Carnival Corner guide you have to make a pit stop at...

Soaka 2013 Review

However it was neither fog nor powder but it was ABIR colourful powder that was being thrown in the air!  What are we talking about?  The perfect Cooler, Breakfast, Wet Fete of ...

Fete With The Saints 2012 Review

“Dey call me Mr. Fete, since ah born ah never miss one yet!” ... And who would miss Fete With The Saints for C2K12!  At TT$625 you really got your money’s worth and you were supporting a worthy cause all at the same time!  In stark contrast to other college fetes all of our Big Sawats were ...

Hpnotiq Harmonie Launch Review

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can’t you see?

Sometimes your words just hypnotize me

Shades 2011 Review

It was Republic Day weekend in Trinidad & Tobago and it was time to drink to Shades!  That’s right the Trini Party Future remained bright as Shades was still on.  The present curfew in Trinidad and its curtailing of parting hours did little to deter my ...

Fire, Fire! In Me Wire, Wire!

Aye-Yah-Yie, Oh-Yah-Yo!

It was the beginning ...

Unplugged Series Episode II Review

We Trinis are a creative people.  We are constantly producing ambassadors of entertainment.  We have a long history of being the creators of Limbo, Steelband and Calypso.  And our indigenous Carnival has successfully been used as a platform to showcase our talents in all forms of entertainment.  The Trinidad & Tobago Entertainment Company, TT Ent, is also one of those platforms.  This state company has the vision of developing the entertainment industry in ...
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