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Red Fish Cooler Fete Review

Party rock is in the house tonight
Everybody just have a good time
And we gonna make you lose your mind
We just wanna see ya shake that RED FISH!!!

Cooler Mania 2011 Review

After 15 years it was finally time for the next evolutionary stage of the wildly popular annual Carnival Sunday night party Mania to become Cooler-Mania!  So what’s the difference with Cooler-Mania?

ISLANDPeople's Caution Zero 2011 Review

“Learn from Yesterday, Live for Today, & Hope for Tomorrow…”  That was the eco-friendly theme of 2011 edition of Caution.

PURE - A Taste of Paris 2011 Review

"Alor on danse, Alors on danse, Alors on danse..."  Kanye West could not have said it any better as that's exactly what the crowd did at ...

Beach House Mayfair 2011 Review

“Everywhere everywhere, Everywhere I go… Everywhere that I’ve been, The only thing I see is, is Beautiful People!”  And that’s what you got at Beach House plus more!!!

BGSC "Mirage" 2011 Review

Ah “Cyar Come When Ah Drink Rum!”  But that did not deter the crowds from coming to the newly improved Marvin Lee Court Yard at the Centre of Excellence!

Girls Nite Out Review

We got soaked at Soaka, we jammed at We Fete, so how do you end a Trilogy?  Well you get 10 bus loads of girls, send them on a free drinks bus ride through ...

WE Fete 2011 Review

After getting wet at "Soaka" it was time to head to Soca Junction for WE to Fete! This second instalment of “WE Fete” was wOw Promotions second attack on C2K11 and this year it was ...

Bump & Wine 2011 Review

After having such a great time for the inaugural Bump & Wine cooler fete in 2010 (see coverage) at an affordable price of TT$150, free doubles & peleau, and an intimate crowd of just over 800 it was time to change locale from West Moorings to ...

U.W.I. All Inclusive 2011 "Bollywood" Review

It was time to travel from China to India with UWI’s All Inclusive Fete.  After 21 years of event management you can assume that they must get something right, and ...
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