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As the summer progresses, we get closer and closer to celebrating Carnival 2013 which seems like right around the corner for some people. Wasn't it just yesterday we were masquerading down the streets of Port-of-Spain and now we have to prepare to do it all over again already? I'm not complaining ...

All right kiddos, its that time of year where we strap up our boots and head to a party that makes you feel like you're partying in the "Down Under." That's right I'm talking about Outback. Time to party under the stars with....that big party lit filled house...or that lifted stage, with the ...

21 North Review

As Carnival 2013 creeps upon all of us Trinidadians, one of the headlining promoters brought forward one of their most anticipated events. The event in which you feel like you're partying in the heavens. Time to go 21 degrees north of Trinidad, straight up the hills of Macarepe, park next to the enormous tracking station and ...

Now tell me, what do you get when you mix soul with soca? Mix funk with finess? Or mix beauty with bachannal? The result is an everlasting and memorable time. Nu Wave mixed this concoction for all mother's during the mother's day weekend and brought forward a concert that every mother and every woman by extension would have never forget. The title being Every Woman.

But wait, why does this look so familiar? Lovely ladies in colorful costumes, dancing to the selections of soca for the 2012...masses of people having a great time. Its Carnival all over again!!! Or that's how it felt at this event. The people of Tribe had a treat for all people who were suffering of "Carnival Tabanca." Time for you all to lace back up your boots, dust off your head pieces and come out to Tribe Last Lap. Here's the review!

As we approached the “Biggest Show” in the world, the people of Normandie Hotel wanted to have their guests and attendants party under the trees of their compound. So said, so done. Now it wasn’t their first contribution like this, but tonight it was time to get “Wotless.” And we all know we cannot use that word now without having one individual pop into our brains. Yes, I’m talking about Mr. Wotless himself; Kes. With Kes The Band being the reigning Groovy Monarch, the hotel staff wanted to give us a treat by having a live show where the young and young at heart can enjoy all the music of Kes The Band.

In the beginning, there was sobriety, God made Trini Carnival and he saw that it was good. He then made man, woman and rested. But later on God realized that he needed a safe environment with lots of drink and food, so the `ALL INCLUSIVE  FETES` was born, and we have never looked back since that day. So for a Trinidadian domiciled in the United States for the last 12 years and not having been to a carnival fete in Trinidad for the last 14 years, nursing a fever and all, I decided to accept the invitation from the Jokey One to accompany him to an All Inclusive, Rhythms of Carnival-4 at Jamboree Park, North Valsyn .

Stumped 2012 Review

As the second week of the new year rolled in, the events came in at the same pace. This week the Jokey One made his way to the Queen's Park Oval. No ladies and gentlemen, I wasn't looking for a late night game of cricket, but to be in attendance for one of Carnival's most anticipated events; Stumped. Now this was my ...

Full Joy Yuhself Review

After our stomachs have been filled from all the ham and turkey from Christmas, the Carnival season rolls in for us to burn it off. Time to not just enjoy ourselves, but to Full Joy Ourselves. DJ Titan of the VCD (Vibes Cah Done) family brought forward an event for us to do just so. Let the Jokey One be your guide of this adventure Captain Titan wanted to take party goers on. TO THE REVIEW!!!

Vivere Review

Firstly let the Jokey One start by saying Seasons Greetings to all readers, followers, supporters and everyone that has the juice flowing through them. Well it's four days before we all say ''C'est Noel!" so the Jokey one feels like partying. And believe me, I did.....maybe a lil too much *wink wink.* Anju Babwah brought forth another event called Vivere held at Ambassador Hotel's poolside. Let me give you the 411 of all of what happened.....or from what I can remember. TO THE REVIEW!!!
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