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This review is for all the mother's. Now Ross Productions are the same people responsible for the Miss Elegance Pageant that I was at late last year; yes the same one I could not help gawking at the beautiful ladies. Now they're telling me to be gawking at ladies who happen to be mothers? HA!!! I honestly laugh at that. Not to sound bad, but with the stress and challenges of motherhood, you can see it on any mother's face. From the makers of Miss Elegance, they bring to you Miss Elegance Mom. Here's the review.

It's Thursday 5th May and I've been hearing the buzz about the return of Latin Thursdays at Coco Lounge. Honestly I've never been to a Latin Thursday but hey, first time for everything. Let me lace up my dancing shoes and the Jokey one hit the dance floor.

D' Cure Cruise Review

Well yes, fresh from a restful Easter weekend, it was time to head for another fun filled event. But wait, I think i'm going to change my title for this one because of the name of the event. Time to head to D' Cure, and you know we cannot talk about curing anyone with being a doctor. Dr. Jokey I presume?

Well I'll start off by saying, what a Carnival 2k11 T&T. I'm still under a heavy tambanca, but somehow I must move on. So many events, so ...

It's finally here. Time to lace up those boots, put on your shining dust, flip your hair and tense your abs. Carnival is finally upon us, and it's Carnival Monday. Wait, they don't wear full costume on Monday? Oh, well i'm sure the ladies will still be beautiful. Well like ...

Insomnia 2011 Review

Oh yes, it's that time of the year...Carnival Saturday. And even better, it's that time for the most anticipated event, and my all time favorite  to attend. Insomnia. For those who may be new to this, Insomnia is the event of all events that actually rings in the Carnival right. For the party goers ...

Hey hey we come to ramajay, hey hey you all know Jokey wants to play! So it's Carnival Saturday, and by now the air is filled with the news of the new Power and Groovy Soca Monarch winners. Time for the Jokey one to be somewhere.

It's that time of the year where the students of the University of the West Indies can finally put down their books and enjoy a pre-carnival around their college campus. Hence why it's called, Campus Carnival. Now, I being Jokey Juice had to make my presence known in this one. All the ...

A new year brings forth a new rhythm. Rick City, in collaboration with Club Taj Mahal brought to us all, Rhythms of Carnival 3. Now this was my second time attending this event so expectations of change was in ...

Well firstly, the Trini Jungle Juice family was greeted by showers of blessings.... but that didn't damper our spirits. Neither did it discourage the patrons in ..
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