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Chinatown 2011 Review

Another year and Ryan Sing Hon has brought his fans and supporters the ultimate jouvert theme party CHINA TOWN, held at Pier 2 Carpark Chaguaramas. I will give him, his props on creativity the event had no tickets to enter it was a bottle of paint, a range of colours yellow, red, blue and the list goes on.

Island Getaway Review

The DJ’s were off the hook! Long time I haven’t been to a party that played so much genres of music. From R&B to Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Soca, Techno, Ole Skool … you name it, they played it. So much love and respect to DJs Chucks from Red 96.7, Marcus, Ryan Spartan & Assassin Singh, Xbass, Tegareg Speedy and  De Gannes.

My TJJ readers you have your history and your costumes names and description now we heading to the road yes we chipping on the pavement with SPICE ...

He wanted the ladies to know that he nah go play no games. This young talented artist got called back 5 times to sing his song yes! So many times I know right ...

Temperature 3 Review

Busy Signal then joined them on stage and had women climbing on the poles just to get close to him and show him how much they could wine, he even said all the ladies who wanna come check him in his dressing room better ...

ONE Fete 2010 Review

One of the BIGGEST fetes for the carnival season is ONE fete. YES you heard me, but ...
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