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After being Submerged in 2019, this year we were taken Beyond, by the Saints. After a simply breathtaking production last year, it was with eager anticipation that we waited to see what was in store for us this year. Fete With The Saints did not disappoint. Easily maintaining its status and the fete to set the standard nationwide, “Go Beyond” was a world-class production, from beginning to end

Fete with the Saints remains the premiere all inclusive in Trinidad and Tobago, the mecca of carnival, period. Like soca music itself, just when you think it can’t possibly get any better, FWTS reinvents itself and sets a new standard for the industry. This year, they took us to Atlantis, the Bahamas and Dubai had nothing on the quality of the production and decor of this Atlantis presentation. The entrance to FWTS, was simply breathtaking and something absolutely world-class. 

Fete with the Saints has done it again.  Four years after relocating from their Fredrick street campus, to "down grounds" the school's recreational facility, the quality, atmosphere, and service, remain exceptional.  One of five events that I attended this weekend with the Pumpers crew, and I can safely say that FWTS sets the standard for all inclusive carnival fetes. 

First in last out!  This was the mantra for this year's edition of FWTS.  We're in sweet TnT for the annual carnival warm up weekend and the goal is to maximize every moment.  When the bell rang, we were there to answer the call.  At 6PM we were literally  ...

Based on my experience from Heroes/Frenchmen Weekend last year, this 'Pump' was eagerly anticipated.  In fact, this year it was not just the TJJ crew rolling but I also rallied the Pumpers Inc. crew, to roll to Ochi for the weekend :-) The action started from the airport bar, this is just proper weekend liming etiquette.  Mere minutes from the airport, is another compulsory stop, Scotchies Montego Bay!  You think you know about authentic jerk?

Fallout has been my Tuesday staple since the early days, down in the Chaguramas camp grounds when it was A.W.O.L  :-).  Since then, we've seen fetes come and we've seen fetes go.  Fallout however, definitely has staying power.  In a year of extreme cutbacks, it was even more impressive to see Fallout maintain its ...

Fetealotathon 2016 has begun.  We're back for our annual warm up weekend.  This is the weekend that we actually touch T&T soil to sample the vibes, live and direct, before we return for the main event a few weeks later.

Fete with the Saints (FWTS) was the best fete for the weekend.  This weekend, is what I like to call, my carnival warm up.  No matter how much soca music you stream for the last few months, in preparation, nothing can compare to actually setting foot on Trini soil and ...

It’s Carnival time again in the ATL and we’re checking out Demolition Crew’s Tenth Annual Cooler Fete, an obvious carnival staple for many in the ATL and surroundings. It was my first time hitting this session, so I was very curious to see how it compared to ...

Fall Out 2014 Review

The big week is finally here and Trinidad carnival is in full swing...We headed straight to La Soledad eagerly anticipating Fall Out ...
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