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Three years with Outrageous Sexy in Black, and De camel coming back again!!! It was too long, anticipating this fete, I headed 1st by some of my friends for a little lime and warm up. At 11pm, we decided to ...

Miami Vice Review

Let's start by the end for a change : IT WAS A BESSSSSSSSSS AND WEETTT  PARTY !!!
Ok ok okkkkk, let me calm down and have a deep breathe now because you need some explanations about what happened last Saturday 18th.
Two of the big Martinican promoters were celebrating their 3 years Anniversary in a nice villa and for the occasion, they called it MIAMI VICE !!! Well you already know what that means: TIME TO PARTY LIKE A ROCKSTAR in pure Miami Style !!!

The Jet ski lovers had an appointement during three days of celebration on one of the most beautiful bay of the Caribbean located in the city of  "Le Diamant", south of Martinique
Be departures, alongside the best experts, JC Prayas, Ugo Fidéline, Christophe Concoriet, the powerful teams of Guadeloupe and its new generation of champions. Oh the world star, Teddy Pons, World Champion 2011 ...

Be Vegas Review

The Phenomenon "BE" is back for an interesting and surprising party. Get ready cause tonight is the night, it's your WEDDING night, Vegas style.

Ray-Ban Day Review

Can you all smell what I’m smelling ??? yes people, close your eyes and feel the smell of the sea, the sand, Summertime is coming, and we are officially back in the Beach parties season. Hot sun, Bikinis, fresh drinks, sound blasting, ohhhhh we are loving those things.

The fashion and party people had an appointment at the new club, U Clubbing last Wednesday June 1st, the night before an holiday. That night was pretty special cause Fashion Siwotag' well installed in the Martinique night life, came on the scene with a dj from the island of ...

Be There Review

For some time the phenomenon "BE" acts on Martinique for the happiness of all the party people ...

This Is Moet Review

So where were you last Saturday 28th May 2011? Maybe you were still recovering after the Sex in the City party that happened Friday night, or watching the European Champions League Final ...

Sex In The City Review

Etincelle Prod' was back this Friday, May 27 2011 at the beautiful rooftop of the hotel Valmeniere in Fort de France for a hot, sexy, chic and glamorous party: "Sex In the City party" mmmm sounds all good to ...

An Tan Lontan Review

AN TAN LONTAN is a Creole word (patoi), a language widely spoken here in Martinique, with a nostalgic-sounding, it means BACK IN THE TIME. Last Friday, May 13, I've been taken into a Time Machine by the promoters of the new concept ""A'L PROD"", well known on the Martinican party scene, they made ‚Äč‚Äčtheir first shot under this ...
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