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I'm still trying to recover from all de bacchanal that happened at Bacchanal J'Ouvert and the day that I spent at strawberry hill, drinking and drinking with Scorn Juice ... But doh worry, de Camel and the rest of the team are

Beach J'Ouvert 2011 Review

Jamaica Carnival, Jamaica Carnival mmmm .... for a very long time, I've dreamt of you! For a very long time I've heard about you, your sulphurous atmosphere, your perfect organization, your beautiful women, your exotic and unique landscape. And Daddy Juice aka The Carnival Ref is always telling me, in a season of carnivals, that ...

Be Fresh Ice Party Review

BE FRESH BE FRESH, FRESH BE...  Two famous martinican promoters with excellent reputation have teamed up this saturday April , 02nd: West Indies Production and 2K Event. An original event that everybody was talking about this Saturday. The second opus of this year, The first one took place

Maximus Anniversary Review

One of the famous club of Martinique was celebrating its 2 years Anniversary, and you know what that means: BIG FIESTA, ON VA FAIRE LA FETE!!! Two days of celebration to ....

Carnival Wednesday, last days before the madness of The greatest show on earth, the real action has already begun and do not expect to sleep before Ash Wednesday, because that is it, It's officialy carnival time, you should not be tired, and ...

One Week until Carnival Sunday people, but let's not go too fast, let's enjoy the season to the fullest, we are not tired, we love to party, we love to have fun with friends, we love carnival cause we are carnival. So here ...

Pan Semis, Pan semis, Pan semis... Friends told me over and over about it, as a unique and outstanding event, something that everybody is looking forward to once the carnival season starts. I had so many good feedback about pan, heard so many funny stories that I truly started to dream about it. And here I am... heading to ...

Sea Sex & Halloween Review

Halloween should be more scary or more funny, but let's not complain, it's not really a french culture, so I will forget this point cause I had a good night ... A nice ambiance, a good set of friends, good music and good service, what else do you need honestly ?

"I'M DRINKING, I'M DRINKING, I'M DRINKING .... I'M DRINKING RUM and RED BUUUUULL !!!! Brap Brap, Brap, WOYYYYY, ok ok let me get back to earth 5 minutes people, I need to tell ...

White House Review

This party was very mixed up ...who dey?...we all dey!'  and we all in White. Enough sexy and well dressed women, smile on every face, what more to ask ?

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