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BluVino 2012 Review

My wine is better than your wine...... Party Marshall Curtis

Ssshhh! 2012 Review

The long lines of patrons anxiously awaiting entry, cars lined along the streets, music pumping on the inside, men and women dressed for the scorching weather, it could only be one place we were heading….Ssshhh.  One of the most anticipated Memorial Wknd events Ssshhh was in full gear and it was a packed house.

It’s Friday night in NYC and the boys are back at it again….Shorblu Events and Big & Strong collaborated once again to bring Kes the Band & friends to the Best Buy Theater in Times Square to headline a ...

Carnival Saturday night Brooklyn was buzzing with chatter about Santi-Mani-Tay, the sophomore event for Shorblu Events and Natalie Promotions. So it only made sense that we check out was the scene was all about.  Upon entering...

Crave 2011 Review

The lights, colors, layout,  truss, colored neon fabric and girls dressed in carnival costumes, this was CRAVE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J'Ouvert Jamishness Review

J’ouvert Jamishness (JJ), NYC’s first paint fete, brought to you by Ago Solvo had been advertised for months with JJ representatives in tee shirts in almost every fete throughout Brooklyn.  Then two weeks before the debut event, there was the video which streamed on facebook and the madness ensued.  J’ouvert Jamishness was in the mindset of most as the anticipation began to build.

Between the thunderstorm and heavy rain it was hard to get out my bed to make it to a 7am boat ride even though it is Silent Morning we are talking about.

Back Nine Review

Torrential rain, approximately 800 people in the middle of a storm fetein under  tents……Madness!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maracas Cooler Fete...The Illegal Edition, the sexiest cooler fete of the summer brought to you by Soul Sisters and Friends had finally reached and we were ready to bare all.  The weather was not looking promising but rain or shine we were heading to C-Pac with cooler stocked and ready to have a good time.

S.O.S 'Soca or Suffer' Review

It was a humid night; we were feeling antsy and looking for the next fete to hit so we headed to C-Pac for Party People Promotions and Friends SOS (Soca or Suffer).  If you didn’t know this is a cooler fete so you already know what it was looking like as we approached the entrance of the venue.  Every size ...
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