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VIP 500 Review

With the 90 plus degree weather we wasn’t so sure it was a good idea to hit VIP while the sun was still up.  However, we had a job to do, drinks and food to sample so we headed to Hanger 5 @ Floyd Bennett Field.  I was very surprised

We were ready to fill our bellies with curry so we headed to C-Pac to Radica-The Curry Tabanca.  Upon entering the yard I honestly have to say I was aghast at how pretty the yard looked decked ...

Buenos Dias 2011 Boat Ride Review

With the temperature at 58 degrees and trying to reach Ms. Text-aholic Juice with no response, I was really thinking hard about leaving my bed to make the 9am Buenos Dias boatride.  I’ve always heard the reviews from those that went in the past years but this would be my first time going on the ride.   So finally after about an hour ...

Rise New York 2011 Review

With the blazing hot sun and the anticipation of Rise we were ready to hit the road and get the party started.  We arrived to music blaring from Freeks 4 Soca and the people were well taking a lil two step here ...

Party Hard Review

Thanks to the weather I couldn’t figure out what to wear, much less what the vibe of the ride would be.  I was told the ride was sold out and that there were five buses headed down from Queens to the pier.  I’ll be the first to say, I didn’t believe it.  So to my surprise when I got to the pier the first bus was already there and people were waiting patiently to board to boat.  People lined off with ...
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