Christoph S. aka Sammy Juice

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Chow Chow Review

Alegria Alegria! Parang in the southlands! If you haven't already kicked off the Christmas season, this was definitely the event to get you started. Parang, pastelles and the ...

Uh huh! Weekend before Halloween and the Avenue's pumping again. The place to be? Coco Lounge for sexy, scary fun. Chameleon did it again, another mashup party that just left you wanting more.

Carnival in June! Girls! Paint! Water! Soca! Alcohol! Every element necessary for an amazing night, and that it was!

I'd also like to give a big shout out to the Chameleon Crew for never disappointing and a very special Happy Birthday to Daina Felix, Coco Lounge's sweetheart of a bartender!

Comess Review

Comess in South Trinidad! "Comess" comes from French Creole commece meaning 'confusion', and boy was this name suitable! Bachannal when KI pulled a girl from the crowd on stage. Madness when All Rounder came in the crowd to spread his garlic sauce! What a night!

Women, women and more women! I guess I was lucky JungleJuice decided to put me in Harts because boy did I enjoy it! Great vibes, sexy girls, beautiful costumes, sexy girls, best music and sexy girls!

Dawn 2012 Review

We goin' til the sun comes up! How we gonna make? ENERGY...VIBES!!! Iwer, Millionaire family, and much more!

C-Fusion Review

No Campus Carnival? Well then we up inna the C-Fusion! Machel "Mr. Fete" Montano, Iwer George KI, Millionaire Family, Chuckie... A night of spectacular performances, sexy girls and everything else Carnival is about.

Ready for a taste of the Southlands? This all inclusive fete was sure to give you a night to remember with an electrifying performance by Karma, a tassa session and some the best DJ's in T&T.

Xperience Review

Lollabee Entertainment has provided the southlands with a hell of a carnival Xperience... and we all know it's not carnival without Mr. Fete himself, Machel who performed last and for good reason, he mashed up the stage with his performance. Great performances, nice people, food and alco, just the perfect combination for a great night.
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