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Bienvenido á Parang - Welcome to parang... and what a welcome indeed! The perfect party to get you into the paranging mood for the season. And who better to extend that welcome than Mr. Parang Himself, Scrunter. With an electifying performance and a mashup crew of DJ's, this night was definitely one to remember.

Royal Christmas 4 Review

This event marked the 4 year anniversary of 4Kings Promotions. On behalf of we would like to give a grand 4King congratulations to the committee members. Keep lighting up the party life of Trinis guys!

Japan in Trinidad! Oasis has launched their 7 sections for carnival 2012 with the theme, Nippon (Land of the Rising Sun). I don't think Japanese women can compare to the sexy chicks we have in Trinidad but we Trinis sure can pull off the Japanese look with all the carnival appeal. The only thing purely trini about the launch was the timing, because the launch was scheduled for 11pm and in Trini time, that's a good hour later, but after seeing the costume lines, it was definitely worth the wait.

Money tight and still want to lime? Head down to Club Aquarios on a Saturday and get the most bang out of your single dollars. Every hour on the hour, for 5 minutes they provide you with a special shot / drink WHICH YOU MUST PAY FOR WITH SINGLE DOLLAR BILLS!!

Carnival? In June? Have to be 4Kings at it again! Free drinks, music trucks, mud, paint, water, the works. This party brought back the Trinidad Carnival vibes in its "off-season" because according to 4Kings, "one Carnival a year just isn't enough".

Dingolay Saturday Review

Chameleon Entertainment, formerly Chameleon Inc. has continued to carry out their drink special parties on "the avenue". Free shots and a spectacular performance by Denise "Saucy Wow" Belfon. Even more, a performance of belly dancer and to top it ...

Chameleon Inc. continues with their free drinks parties in Coco Lounge on Saturdays. They promised artists, and this week featured new hit sensation Buhwamoder and Soca star Blaxx. This week also had a change in that it was free shots instead of drinks.

Although the party started off kind of slow, from the time Ravi B stepped on the stage, people just started appearing out of nowhere. The crowd was apparently filled with fans of the Chutney star as he held out the mic and the place resounded with loud fans ...

A Royal Christmas III

I don't think I ever saw a party get that filled out so quickly. In a matter of minutes the place went from practically empty to being packed. And everyone avoided the usual "warming up time" for parties, from the time they got inside, its just ...

Take Off Review

Wow, that's all you'd think when you were watching this crowd. Sexy dresses, beautiful girls and the guys were also dressed quite fresh. The crowd was also ideal sized for ...
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