Neil aka Joy Juice

In a nutshell: With an absolute love and appreciation for people, sports, parties and places, the use of photography has helped me capture as many moments in my life as possible. And if you know what 'Joy Juice' is, well, it will give you some indication of why I am always smiling.

After leaving Trinidad and Tobago to attend university on an athletic scholarship, the only way to remain close to home was to either cook Trini favored dishes, look at the photos I brought from home, read the Trinidad Express or Guardian, send for; sorrel, tamarind, salt prune, red mango, chilli bi bi, mauby bark, cheese, Kiss cake, goodie, kurma, kuchela, Crix, Bourbon biscuits, Orchard, Ramsaran's juice, mango chutney, chiney sausage, Catch, Bongo, Cheers, Ping Pong etc. from Charlotte Street, play rel Soca music every day and tick off my roommates, or ...... visit to see what's going on.

After my four year stint at college, I fell in love with coaching the game I played all my life ... Football (Soccer) and am now the Asst. Coach at a Collegiate program as well as the director a soccer academy. As a result of a passion for both soccer and photography, the two were combined and made a great addition to my portfolio. Linking up with Trini Jungle Juice gave me an opportunity to explore photography some more and keep the Trini vibe going amongst some good friends.

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 Articles by this Author

2009 Soul Train Awards Review

On Wednesday November 3rd, 2009 had the privilege of covering the 2009 Soul Train Awards presented by Centric and the Black Entertainment Television (BET). Soul Train, a back in the day Saturday morning musical program honouring the best in the musical art-form, was hosted by then popular black TV personality and ...

5 Minutes With Patch

With probably his most successful season since his hit song “Commess in De Place”, Roger “Patch” Joseph has taken Soca lovers by surprise with one of this year's top tracks “Rum and Roti”.  It seems as if every promoter wants Patch this Carnival season! Fortunately JoyJuice caught up with Patch at the Caribbean Festival Village during this year's Atlanta Carnival Celebrations and found out a little more about the talented singer.

The excitement was there, certainly the energy and the music. Back to Basics and Natural Freaks rocked the house.

5 Minutes With Beres Hammond

Singer and song writer in one? Most definitely! Stage presence? Fantastic! Heavy impact on the women? Certainly!! Melodious voice? Oh gosh yes! Okay, okay, the chief himself, Hugh Beresford Hammond, in the flesh, true talk, no lie, we got him, and it wasn't easy! Beres is a hard man to catch up with but TJJ going de distance. After sitting and waiting for almost two hours to try and find a way to catch up with the boss, Beres finally came out of his hotel and JoyJuice sprung into action. After his magnificent performance at the "One Love Festival" in Charlotte NC the night before, TJJ just had to get Beres to do a "5 Minutes With" us and when asked for an interview, the humble Beres said with a grin, "Come on man, let's go on the Tour Bus" and we were off and running.

I remember from childhood, Mummy always use to say, “Son, pray before you do anything”.  Well, while shooting in North Carolina for the One Love Fest back in August, just for a brief Moment In Time, I captured Morgan Heritage doing their before going on stage ritual, taking time out to ...

At some point, everybody needs a break right? Well, Soca stars are no exception!  After their exhilarating performance at the 16th Annual Tampa Carnival on June 14th and 15th, I caught this rare shot of husband and wife, Bunji Garlin and Fayanne Lyons catching their ...

Ok folks, hear this ... TJJ really going the distance for you guys ... so listen up!! During the One Love Fest 2008 in Charlotte, NC on August 31st, 2008, We came across this smooth singing, long dreaded, soft spoken Rasta Reggae singer. And if allyuh don't know his music, well yuh better know him, de man is simply boss! Producing hits for Nelly Furtado, Beenie Man and Sizzla, Courtney "Yogie" John has a cool and tranquil way about him, whose personal style will sure to be around for years to come. JoyJuice here, sat down with Courtney John to find out a bit more about the earthy, cool man behind the dreads.

5 Minutes With Jadine

Since the Memorial Day Carnival celebrations in Atlanta back in May, the Atlanta people have been craving the Soca vibes. Wasi Entertainment has provided just that and launched the first ever “Soca In The City” at Endenu Bar and Lounge in Downtown Atlanta, and to kick things off, the Island of Montserrat has shown up on the scene again. Besides Arrow's “Hot, Hot, Hot” and the Volcano erupting in 2003, the 'hottest' new wave out of the 9,000 people strong Island is Jadine - The Soca Diva. Jadine is the first of many to perform at “Soca In The City” according to Wasi Entertainment. JoyJuice caught up with Jadine before she took to the stage.
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