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I was tempted to dust off last year’s tutu and face paint but opted to go as a TJJ photographer (mission accomplished). We made sure to get to the event early to catch glimpse and capture every party-goers costume… If you haven’t figured out by now, I’m talking ...

When word got out about a ‘Strong Man’ competition I instantly knew it would be an interesting Saturday afternoon, and the event most definitely delivered. It was a gorgeous day but the sun felt like it was taxing us.

When TJJ arrived at the venue the party-goers were trickling in ever so slowly. For a brief moment I thought it was about to consider the fete a buss but, even though it wasn’t a wall to wall packed party, the Bananas die-hards refused to disappoint…

The TJJ crew arrived at the heart of St. George’s, where Rhum Runner’s 1 and 2 party boats were docked and immediately noticed that we were a part of one of the sexiest crowds we’ve been in with the entire season. All there for ...

Finally it was time for the TJJ-Grenada crew; Cocoa Juice and I, TallGlassAhJuice, to head out of the capital city, St. George to cover one of the season’s staple concerts, White in The Moonlight, held at the island-famous Moonlight City in St. Andrews.
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