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ISLANDpeople Yeah! 2012 Review

Let’s say YEAH to well organized fete
Say YEAH to the most interesting entrance
Say YEAH to feeling spoiled by the ...

Extraordinary is not enough to say. This event was a stamp on the history of Trinidad’s music scene. Both, for its’ unique heavy rock character and for the actual mix of genres on one stage, on the same night. The line up was full of variety including local rock bands like 5 Miles to Midnight, hip hop artist like ...

Sun Ville Review

The sun was not shining when we got to Sun Ville on Sunday evening around 8 pm. It might be some sort of post – curfew trauma that made me expect the venue to be already full at this time of the night. It was quite empty… but ….there is something specific and ...

‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ this saying definitely speaks the truth, also without doubt the ‘beholders’ present at Elite Model Look Caribbean 2011 finals have experienced some extraordinary beauty. It is amazing how this kind of events not only showcase the beautiful models in glamorous outfits but also the patrons show up in full glamour effect. The event was just pulsing with beautiful people and prominent personalities. 

Legacy Band Launch 2012 "Flight" Review

For carnival 2012 Legacy will take you all on a flight to the world of flying beings: ‘birds, butterflies, angels, fairies, mythical creatures and any other creature that has the ability to soar freely over the earth.’ The theme was inspired by ... 

Digicel IMAX® Gala Red Carpet Review

The Digicel IMAX® theatre is located at One Woodbrook Place and boasts of the largest  screen in the Caribbean with a 40x70 screen and seating for 364 patrons. It is known for its laser aligned surround sound, crystal clear images and immersive 3D quality.

IMAX Educational Initiative Review

I wish I was 10 years old again, a little girl in Trinidad and Tobago who is going to learn about wild animals in Africa by watching a movie in 3D in IMAX theater.

State of emergency is a state of desperation, it wakes up the craving to get loose and let go. For those out there who are not familiar with the situation in Trinidad and Tobago these days …The government imposed so called ‘state of emergency’ which includes curfew enforcement that ...

It has been 7 years since Island People Mas brought to you all their first costume theme -  Enchanted Forest. After that you have already seen: Sahara, Animal Instincts, Heaven on Earth, Kutchela and Shades of Universe, this time they will extract ‘Heroes’ that reside ...

Kes The Band Listening Party Review

Did u know that Kes already released 4 albums and the latest one “Stereotype” is the 5th one at the same time being the 2nd one in 2011?? Pretty impressive, isn’t it?
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