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Brooklyn's finest reached Trinidad & Tobago, just in time for Silent Morning. This boat ride seemed to be a sample of what was ahead for T&T Carnival 2013! The sun was hot and TJJ was bright and early to board the boat at the ...

There was what seemed to be an endless number of parties, but Brunch On The Greens was the place to be. It was such a secluded destination, perfected in its luxurious decor, complete with a design by John Jones.

CRIBS Circus Edition Review

2 chips in 2 chips out, TJJ arrived to CRIBS, Circus Edition without a doubt! We were greeted upon entry, and we didn't fail to realize the two beauties in their circus attire welcoming party goers. We were definitely excited at what we had arrived to. There was an ambiance and a ...

Two words to describe it, Sassy & Tasteful! As the TJJ NY crew journeyed our way upon a few blocks, we found an ever bess park arriving to Rise Neon. Kicking off our mid-day Memorial Day party wknd, we found it delightful that TJJ NY did not have any struggles within entrance after all the ...
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