Every year during the Holiday season, I find that there's more people interested in the upcoming TnT Carnival season and everything to do with it ... you know ... which mas band they and their friends playing with, which fetes to buy tickets for, what dates to travel (for those that moving late), and of course ... what's the latest and hottest Soca releases?

In all fairness, yes .... Carnival is a big and serious ting! BUT, we should not let it take away or distract us from enjoying and celebrating the Christmas Holiday season at hand! And for us West Indians (especially Trini's), that means lots of close family & friends, ham & pastelles, punch-a-creme, sorrel, ginger beer (the list goes on and on) and PARANG!!

Parang music is an integral part of our our culture and really adds to that holiday spirit ... making Christmas time at home better than being anywhere else in the WORLD!!  That said, let's not forget to listen to and enjoy all the great PARANG MUSIC by our local artists (be sure to support and buy the original CDs) ... NEW & OLD!

ENJOY PARANG MUSIC ON TJJ TODAY - http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/parang.html

And don't be the GRINCH THAT STOLE PARANG either .... please SHARE music with ALL your FAMILY & FRIENDS!

- Chooks

ps. And yes, after we PARANG, we will indeed SOCA! ;-)