Let us remember our friend Shel Shok. I want you to picture this: Thursday October 12, 1995. This would be an ordinary night for anyone but not for U.W.I.  Crew and certainly not for Ismel the 'Demolition Man', myself, Shel Shok with Marvin and Signal to Noise.

In the 90's we would look forward to playing music for the people and "ramming out the dances".  What we did not know is that together we were making a new part of history, a new culture of Trinidad and Tobago.  "Breaking new tracks" is what Shel Shok chuckled to us all.  "I broke the most new tracks in Coconuts," he would exclaim. And you know, he was right!  He always was pushing the boundaries. Kissdadee Caravan to the day he passed.

We as a culture have suffered the loss of another pioneer. Let us remember those many nights that we pushed each other and moved our culture forward in the attached podcast.